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Here is the List of Resume Myths:

1. Your resume will be more impressive than other resumes because you are impressive.
Ha, ha, ha! After committing time and effort to resume writing, and sometimes money, most people believe that employers will be able to see how great they are from their resumes. No matter how impressive you, your experience, your skills, your achievements and education might be, your resume is nothing more than a black and white pixel binary file or an ink and pulp sheet among thousands of others. Employers cannot see you: all they are looking for is a solution to their problem. The words you choose better send the message that you are the answer. (consider reading: How to make a Resume)

2. The resume objective is the most important part of the resume.

Objectives have been rated by employers as the least important part of a resume. This is partly because most objectives are self centered. The employer does not really care about what you want. That’s right; they care more about what they want. Who doesn’t? The objective can be left off many resumes.

3. Your resume is more important than your cover letter.
Your resume is important though your cover letter can be just as or even more important. A powerful cover letter can overcome even a resume weak in experience or skills and persuade an employer to call. Also some employers call candidates to schedule interviews without even reading resumes.

4. Your resume type does not really matter much.
Yea and neither does your blood type- until you need a transfusion. Your resume type is critical to maximizing yourself. Choosing a chronological resume to highlight skills, accomplishments, and education without solid work experience can be a mistake. Creating a functional resume with ten years of continued work experience in the health field can also be costly. You need to know which type is best for you.

5. You only need one resume.
You might only need one job, but you better customize your resume for every job and employer you apply for. Cookie cutter resumes are like calling all your friends by the same name. Your friends are not going to pay much attention to you and employers won’t either. Make sure your resume addresses the needs the employers are advertising for and that you use the keywords in their ads.

6. The person who interviews you will know what is on your resume.
Many times the interviewer has not even seen your resume. In many corporations, an assistant or HR person scans the resumes and sets the interview appointments and someone else such as a department head or manager conducts the interview with you. Often they do not have a copy of your resume and sometimes they have not even seen it. Always bring at least two hard copies of your resume to an interview. Consider checking the most powerful resume writing tips to make standout your resume.

7. You don’t need to spend much time on your resume writing.
Sure; as long as you want to spend more time hunting for a job; the better your resume the better the possibility of getting an interview. The sooner you get interviews the sooner you get a job. So spending a few more hours writing your resume just might save you weeks of time. Make sure you use resume power words for your knowledge, skills, and abilities

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