Write Perfect Resume

Every job hunter should be aiming for a perfect resume. Resume writing is where being perfect is an absolute must. Over ninety nine per cent of all resumes fail to get the interview. In order to increase the odds that your resume is not the last thing an employer ever sees about you, you must create the optimum resume.

Perfect Resume Writing to Create a Perfect Image

A resume is an extension of the brand “YOU.” The format, power words, and accomplishments presented should be consistent with the qualities and characteristics of you as an employee and the type of position you are seeking.

Use prudence.


• Use flashy colors or fonts that make your resume illegible
• Add graphics
• Make use of a format (or create a format) that makes a resume congested

Should You Customize Your Resume for Different Jobs and Employers?

Only if you want the job; Creating a resume that is targeted to each employer greatly increases your chances of earning an interview. Emphasize your efforts and skills that will affect the company’s bottom line.

Do not make the mistake of just listing your skills; this can cause the resume reader to lose focus and, in turn, lose interest. You need to elaborate with specifics about how previous employers have benefited from your skills.

Customizing your resume to every employer requires a little research. Two great places to find information that will benefit you while creating a resume are:

• The company’s website
• Industry publications

You should learn more about the company’s:

• Products and/or services
• Plans for development (growth)
• Target audience
• Competition

Researching the potential employers will help you determine the skills that are most relevant to the position you seek.

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The Perfect Resume Promotes Success

Speak with any human resources professional and you’ll find that typographical errors on resumes eliminate applicants from job consideration immediately. Even one error can result in a resume being tossed in the trash.

Once you have finished creating a resume, you should proofread the resume more than once. Have another person proofread your document too. If you don’t trust a friend’s ability to find typographical or grammatical errors:

• Hire a professional proofreader to do the job.
• If you’re in college, take your resume to the writing center or a career counselor
• Ask an English major or someone with a degree in English to proofread your resume.

Simple Resume Template

Know How to Create a Perfect Resume in all Formats

Once you are ready to send your resume to employers, make sure that you take some time creating a resume in the commonly requested formats. Creating a resume in each of these versions and you will be prepared to act quickly:

• A print version. This is useful when an employer requires you to send your resume through the mail, or when you want to present your resume in person.
• A faxable version. Make sure your font is legible, in blank ink, devoid of any intricate formatting, and printed on plain white paper.
• Plain text version. This version is used to post to message boards or on sites that require a plain text resume. A plain text resume has no intricate formatting.
• Plain text email version. The same rules apply to the email version of a plain text resume. Be sure that there are only 65 characters per line.
• HTML version. This version uses html code, so that you can copy and paste the resume onto online job sites and html compatible message boards.

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While resume writing can seem intimidating, remember that you are the expert on brand “YOU.” Nobody knows you better than yourself; you have the information necessary to make your resume stand out. Creating a resume that promotes your individuality and pertinent skill set will get your resume noticed.

Making sure your resume stands out for the right reasons (not because of typographical or grammatical errors). Creating the perfect resume just might land you the perfect job.

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