Resume Writing Tips

Many different resume writing resources seem to cater to job seekers who have just finished college. What assistance, however, is available for more experience workers? Are these more mature workers on their own as they attempt to navigate a sea of unemployment?

Of course they aren’t. Although resume writing resources for experienced workers aren’t as easily-found as resources for novice job seekers are found, the resources are available. You simply have to know where to look.

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List of Resume Writing Tips:

  • Community Programs – Libraries, community colleges, and even state-administered aid offices have been known to offer assistance with resumes from time to time. Does your area’s community college offer adult enrichment classes? Chances are that their class offering includes some type of tutorial on finding a new job. Check out bulletin boards in your local library and your state’s unemployment office, too.
  • Outplacement Services – Some employers who are facing heavy staff lay-offs will bring an outplacement agency into the company to ease the sting of unemployment for their former employees. Think of this as being the equivalent to the career services office you may have used while you were in college. These folks will help you put together a resume, as well as help you find leads on a new job. Since your previous employer is footing the bill for this service, you should definitely use as much of the service as you can. Consider checking the most powerful resume writing tips.
  • Bookstores – There have been no shortage of books written on the topic of resume writing. Some are even aimed at the more experienced worker rather than a recent college graduate looking for his first, entry-level position. If your budget is tight, and a few books from your local bookstore aren’t in your budget, you could always check out some books from your local library. Many libraries pride themselves on having a selection of recently-published books on most topics, so you can be sure to find a book that is relevant to your situation. Don’t forget to browse the bulletin boards while you are at the library; you may find a workshop on resume assistance while you are there. Consider checking Resume examples for your reference.

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