Resume with No Work Experience

There are many tools and guides available to make your first no work experience resume a positive one. Maybe the hardest thing is beginning. Here are a few tips to get you off to a good start.

Be professional – Your resume is your first contact with a potential employer. You want this initial impression to be polished and professional looking.

• For hard copies use heavy weight white or off white paper. Don’t try to be cute with color or patterned paper.
• Offer a clean copy. Make sure your printer has enough ink and check for all spelling errors and typos.
• Use a simple format. There are many resume templates available on line.
• Keep your information up to date and correct.
• Use formal names, avoid nicknames.

Always be truthful – Don’t exaggerate or makeup job experiences on your resume.

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Employers check information and lies are easy to spot.

Job Skills Employer Want

Emphasis your strengths – Everyone has to start somewhere. Your future employer will understand this is your first job, but he or she will be interested in your skills and past experience. Try to list skills which best match the job.

• List volunteer work and community activities
• Write about work study and internships you’ve done in school.
• Include small jobs, like baby sitting or yard work and include references
• List extracurricular activities like sports, clubs and performances. Make sure to emphasis any positions of responsibility you took during these activities.
• Put course work most relevant to the job up front in the education section.

You can be new to the job market and still be professional. Take extra care in your resume writing to proof read for errors and any confusing statements or language. Make sure to send in a clean copy. Double check the job requirements to make sure you’ve included all required information. Consider checking the most powerful resume writing tips to get your dream job.

Be specific. Your resume writing should be tailored to each individual job. Try to learn a little about the job and the employer so you can stress the qualities and interests they care about. Even though you may use a uniform template, your information needs to be unique and reflect why you will be an asset to a particular job.

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