Job Skills Employer Want

Details that you leave out of your effective resume writing can be every bit as important as the information that you choose to include. Some statements should be avoided because their subjects are taboo. Other statements are simply better left unsaid. Both instances, however, require you to exercise some judgment as you draft your application.

1. Personal Information 

Although some personal information, such as your address, phone number, and email address are certainly appropriate to include in your resume, other types should never be disclosed. Don’t mention your age, your marital and family status, or ethnicity. Some employers refuse to interview applicants who state this information to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

2. Job Responsibilities

Avoid the temptation to list your responsibilities at your previous positions rather than your achievements. Instead, tell prospective employers what made you exceptional at your previous job. Applications that focus on your routine tasks will be passed over for the applications of more commendable employees.

3. References

Although having a list of references and their contact information available is very important, you shouldn’t waste valuable space on your resume to list that information. You can always provide your references later when a prospective employer requests them.

4. Self-Centered Objective Statements 

Some job hunters fall into the trap of writing objective statements that only mention what they hope to get out of their job hunt. They might state that their objective is to obtain a position that allows them to gain experience in a specific field, for instance. A well-written objective statement emphasizes the way your goals and strengths mesh with the prospective employer’s needs.

5. Hobbies

Prospective employers don’t need to know that you’re an avid bird watcher or that you spend your weekends attending tractor pulls. Your resume writing should stick to relevant experiences that will serve you well in the position you are applying for. After all, you only have one page to convince that human resources manager to invite you in for in an interview.

5. Negative Remarks

Even if your previous employer was the most unpleasant person you have ever encountered, take care not to reflect that fact in your resume. Likewise, never display boredom or unhappiness with your previous position.

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