Job Resume

The Job Resume

A job resume is targeted to a specific job usually with a certain employer. A job resume gives you the edge because employers will see you as a better fit for the position often over even more qualified candidates who are not tailoring their resume for the job.

Resumes must be keyword desirable. Keyword and key phrase matching will give your resume an advantage for getting an interview. You must use as many “matching keywords words” as you can for each ad and each resume you send. These are keywords for the knowledge, skills, and abilities that you possess and the employer is seeking. (consider reading: How to make a Resume)

Resume Writing: The Four Steps to Tailor Your Resume for a Specific Job

STEP ONE: Highlight the specific keywords for the knowledge,

skills, and abilities in the employer’s ad. Knowledge , skills, and abilities cross over each other and in addition employer ads do not always label each correctly. You are looking for keywords in the ads that express specifically what the employer is looking for so do not be concerned with how they are classified at this time.

These keywords are in RED in the example below.

STEP TWO: Highlight the employer’s objective statements. These statements are in PURPLE in the sample below.

Example Job Ad:

Office Support/Clerical/Admin
Opening for an administrative professional with strong customer service skills. We are looking for someone with proven experience and passion for providing a unique customer experience. This is a busy office operating at a fast pace and requires the ability to work independently.

Responsible for providing administrative support.

Contribute to the company vision of being the industry leader in customer service through quality, commitment, courtesy and teamwork.
Perform standard, advanced and confidential secretarial duties
Schedule and maintain calendar of appointments, meetings, travel itineraries and coordinate related arrangements
Type, collate, copy, produce graphs/charts, professional presentation materials and other reports
Assist in invoice/budget tracking

Ability to communicate
Ability to prioritize and organize effectively
Ability to type 60 wpm
Ability to use personal computer and software applications (i.e. MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.)
Knowledge of office procedures and the operation of standard office equipment (i.e., 10-key calculator, dictaphone)
Bachelor’s degree in business or equivalent experience

Consider checking the most powerful resume writing tips to make standout your resume.

STEP THREE: Create statements for all of the knowledge, skill, and ability keywords you possess or have demonstrated.

  • Use power words from the Resume Dictionary.
  • Show specific examples from your experience to support your statements.


I provided administrative support to my boss by creating Excel spreadsheets of all seven managers’ weekly appointments and travel itineraries.

This example uses several important keywords and phrases from the employer’s ad.

Now remove the pronouns and unnecessary nouns from the statement.

Example without Pronouns:

Provided administrative support by creating and maintaining Excel spreadsheets of all seven managers’ weekly appointments and travel itineraries.

STEP FOUR: Use the employer’s objective statements highlighted in purple to create your objective. Employers are looking for candidates that are good fits for their environment. Use the employer’s objective phrases to create an objective in line with the employer. Consider checking Resume examples for your reference.

Employers objective statements from example ad above:

-passion for providing a unique customer experience.

Contribute to the company vision of being the industry leader in customer service through quality, commitment, courtesy and teamwork.

Example objective statement for your resume:

Seeking an administrative support position in a team environment where a passion for providing a quality customer experience is appreciated.

In the example above, the keyword that describes the position has been used and a word and phrase from the employer’s objective statement. The word unique has been change to quality in order to be original and avoid too much duplication.

Also see how to write a resume objective using “The Mirror Method” with Mission statements.

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