Proofread Resume

When you mail or email your resume off to prospective employers, you aren’t just sending a piece of paper or digital file out into the world. You are sending a representation of yourself. You want your representation to be a strong one, don’t you? Whether you’re determined to craft your own resume or you’re taking advantage of some resume help, you should avoid some of these common application mistakes.

Spelling Errors – In this age of spell-check and internet access, there is no excuse for the presence of misspelled words. Prior to mailing your application, you should take care to examine the spelling of every word in your resume. Your eyes will often correct mistakes without telling your brain. Read your resume backwards to spot mistakes. Consider checking the most powerful resume writing tips .

Commonly Misused Words – Some words are used incorrectly more often than they are used correctly. Pay careful attention to words like “accept” or “except” and “than” and “then.” If you are uncertain that you are using the appropriate word, you can always refer to your dictionary.

Punctuation Problems – Every complete sentence you write should end with some type of punctuation. However, bullet points do not require ending punctuation. Commas are also a stumbling block for many writers. Remember that commas are often inserted when they aren’t necessary; use them sparingly.

Too Small Font – When drafting your resume, help prospective employers read your information by choosing a font size that is easy to read. You don’t, of course, need to use an over-sized font. In most cases a standard 12-point font is perfect.

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Childish Email Address – Although an email address like margaritadrinker09@ may remind you of a wonderful Spring Break trip you enjoyed with your classmates, that address won’t impress prospective employers. If your email address reveals a little too much about your personal life, take the time to sign up for a more neutral address. An address like will help you keep those private stories private. Consider checking Resume examples for your reference.

Unclear Abbreviations – As you write your resume, help human resource managers understand all of your information by avoid abbreviations with meanings that aren’t apparent. After working at XYZ company, you may pick up company colloquialisms. Don’t assume, though, that your prospective employer will know what those phrases mean. Instead of saying your job duties included reviewing DAR’s, be sure to say that you reviewed your company’s Daily Accounting Reports.

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