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Resume how to tips do not usually include how to lie on your resume. Most of us know how to lie. What is more important is to know what is considered resume lying and how to avoid being accused of lying even when you are not.

If you are sending out even slightly different interpretations of your resume or posting them on job sites, you risk being labeled dishonest. Having someone actually accuse you of lying on your resume could be the best thing that could happen to you. Why? Because then you would know what corrections you need to make. Unfortunately many job seekers have been labeled dishonest without even knowing. (consider reading: How to make a Resume)

Truth is often left up to individual interpretation. When people see two varying or conflicting statements about you and they both came from you, you will often be judged as a liar.

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What types of resume variations appear to be lies?

• Different dates or time periods of employment
Solution: Be consistent about when you worked for employers.

• Different job titles for the same employer – Even if you held several job titles while working for an employer.
Solution: List all titles on all variations of your resume.

• Different schools attended – Even if you attended more than one school.
Solution: List all schools attended on all variations of your resume.

• Different addresses and phone numbers
Solution: Date your resume.

• Working for several employers at the same time.
Solution: Label positions as part or full time.

• Being in two places at once – for example: a part time job in one country while attending school in another.
Solution: Be clear about where you were and when on your resumes.

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Most innocent resume lying is about inconsistencies. Remember, the point is no matter how honest you might be, perception is everything when all you have representing you is some words on resumes. Get a second opinion and have other people review your resumes for innocent discrepancies.

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