Job Market

Start looking for employment and begin your resume writing and returning to the job market within the first ten days after leaving your job. Losing or changing a job can rock your world. Your daily routine has changed and your confidence might have taken a big hit. It’s a good idea to take a few days to regroup, but don’t take more then a few days to begin returning to the job market.

You might find some significant changes since you last looked for a job, but you might have changed also. Your old resume will not clearly reflect who you are or everything you have to offer. You will want to blow your horn and let prospective employers see everything you’ve accomplished. Create a document which celebrates who you are now, not who you were. (consider reading: How to make a Resume)

• Start fresh. Don’t rewrite or add on to your old resume. Create something original which reflects who you are today.

• List varied aspects and duties of previous jobs. Experience does count, so be specific when describing your various past employment. Turn these into accomplishment statements for your resume.

• Highlight your skills not just your past positions. Let future employers recognize your many talents. You probably have skills and interests which you’ve developed outside of work which could be used in potential jobs.

• Keep the tone positive. It’s difficult to reenter the job market, but nobody wants to hear your problems. Don’t allow negative words or phrases about past employers or experiences to slip into your writing.

 Ask friends and family members to look over your resume. Ask them to look out for any negative phrases and understated or missed skills. Also ask your readers to check for spelling, grammar and typing errors.

Don’t put off your job search. Start your resume writing and put out the word that you are available within ten days of leaving your job. Pick up the phone and begin making contacts and collecting references.

Consider checking Resume examples for your reference.

Although resume writing could feel like an impossible task, you might gain a new appreciation for your past accomplishments by the time you’ve finished the rough draft. Always stay positive. Believing in yourself can be contagious and very often will lead to exciting new opportunities.

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