Resume Writing Myths

Most people dread resume writing. If you need a resume that means you need a job. So the answer seems to be to jump online and use a quick template or resume builder. Then you realize job hunting is a numbers game so you start a shotgun approach distributing your resume to a mass of employers. When the results are nothing happens, zero, zilch, we wonder what has gone wrong or accept the fact that times are tough.

Adobe Illustrator Resume Template

There are five assumptions or myths that are common Resume Writing Myths.

Myth One: Resume writing is easy and a quick online builder or template will do it for you.
This myth is an easy way to create some sort of resume. However, effective resume writing requires some self assessment and employer and position review. You need to review your resume skills and closely match them to the employer’s needs. Consider checking the most powerful resume writing tips to land your dream interview.

Myth Two: Using power words for resume writing is difficult and not worth the time.
Many employers see thousands of resumes a month. Nowadays, you have to stand out to be selected. Using resume power words because they are classified by the skill you want to tell about on your resume and real statements for resume examples are shown,

Myth Three: Sending out the same basic resume to hundreds of employers every week is better than customizing resumes for specific jobs and companies. Myth three is certainly the easy way also; but not always better. Broadcasting your resume or posting one online is the last thing you should do in your job hunt. Creating a customized job resume that targets each available position and employer is a first priority.

Myth Four: Getting an inside contact with a prospective employer can take tons of time and be difficult and is not that important. Establishing a contact inside a company is a huge advantage and can be accomplished with as little as the right email letter. Getting an inside contact can give you a tremendous advantage for interview consideration. The Cover Letter Creator includes powerful letters to establish inside contacts where you would like to work.

Myth Five: Once a resume and cover letter get me an interview, they are irrelevant. While getting an interview is the main purpose of your resume and cover letter, make sure you know exactly what you have written on the custom resume you sent each employer. Employers do fact check your resume with direct questions to you in your interview. Even an innocent contradiction could cause your elimination. You need to know the dates of employment at each job and be prepared to discuss your skills and accomplishments.

Taking the time upfront for resume writing each week to focus on the job and employer and establishing contacts inside companies can save you weeks or even months of unemployment. (consider reading: How to make a Resume)

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