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I was amazed at the results when I happened to discover this tactic for resume objective writing. This method mirrors the company personality in an acceptable and subtle way.

While I do not believe all resumes need objectives, if you must include one on your resume this is a great place to mirror the

company’s objective (mission statement.) Read the company’s mission statement and parallel or mirror the company purpose. Note: You do not have to limit mission statement mirroring to your objective. You can also use the same meaning and purpose of a company’s mission statement in other areas of your resume and in your cover letter. (consider reading: How to make a Resume)

While there are probably HR employees that do not have their company’s mission statement memorized, many will find something familiar about your resume when you have mirrored their mission statement. A familiarity that “feels right.”

Resume Objective Mirror Method Examples

Here is an example of the resume objective Mirror Method using Aflac’s mission statement.

Aflac’s Mission Statement:

“To combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best insurance value for consumers.”

Consider checking Resume examples for your reference.

How and can you work this into your cover letter and/or resume?

Start by breaking down the keyword phrases in the mission statement with the longer phrases first. In the example above from Aflac, here are the longer keyword phrases:

  1. Combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services
  2. Products and services at competitive prices
  3. Provide the best insurance value for consumers

Notice that you can use overlapping words to create the keyword phrases. In this case, phrase 1 and 2 have the words products and services repeated.

Now break the mission statement phrases down farther into smaller phrases and words:

  1. Aggressive strategic marketing
  2. Strategic marketing
  3. Quality products
  4. Quality services
  5. Competitive prices
  6. Provide the best insurance value
  7. Best insurance value
  8. Consumers

Here are several objective examples for different occupations that mirror the Aflac mission statement:

Position 1: Accountant

OBJECTIVE: To contribute to providing the best insurance value for consumers by ensuring accurate accounting methods that will encourage competitive prices.

Position 2: Customer Service

OBJECTIVE: To ensure quality services through top notch customer communication to provide the best insurance value.

Position 3: IT Department

OBJECTIVE: To keep technology systems current and operating to afford consistent competitive prices to achieve the best insurance values.

Position 4: Sales

OBJECTIVE: To apply superior selling skills to market quality products and services that provide the best insurance value for consumers.

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