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Adjunct Professor Resume Examples

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Writing a resume as an adjunct professor can be a daunting task. With the ever-changing job market, the demand for adjunct professors is increasing, and it’s important to be able to showcase your unique qualifications and experiences. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to craft a successful adjunct professor resume, along with concrete examples to help you stand out from the competition. With careful attention to detail and thoughtful application of the information provided in this guide, any adjunct professor can assemble a comprehensive, professional resume that should help them land the job of their dreams.

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Adjunct Professor Resume Examples

John Doe

Adjunct Professor

123 Main Street | Anytown, USA 99999 | Phone: (123) 456-7890 | Email:

I am an experienced and dedicated professional with over 10 years of experience in higher education. As an Adjunct Professor, I am committed to providing my students with an enriching learning experience while also stimulating their academic growth and development. I am a strong communicator who is capable of making complex topics more understandable and enjoyable for my students. My core skills include curriculum and lesson planning, classroom management, student engagement, and assessment. I have extensive experience in teaching in diverse classroom settings and have demonstrated expertise in developing and delivering interactive lecture material to my students.

Core Skills:

  • Curriculum and lesson planning
  • Classroom management
  • Student engagement
  • Assessment
  • Interdisciplinary teaching
  • Online course development
  • Group instruction

Professional Experience:

  • Adjunct Professor, ABC University, 2020 – Present
  • Teach courses in college- level mathematics
  • Develop curriculum and lesson plans
  • Monitor student progress and provide feedback
  • Manage classroom environment
  • Adjunct Instructor, XYZ College, 2016 – 2020
  • Taught courses in business and finance
  • Developed course materials and lecture notes
  • Supervised student teams in group projects
  • Provided guidance and feedback on projects


  • Bachelor of Science, Mathematics and Finance, ABC University, 2011
  • Master of Business Administration, XYZ University, 2014

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Adjunct Professor Resume with No Experience

Recent university graduate with a Bachelor’s in Education and a passion for teaching. Experienced in working with diverse student populations, creating engaging lesson plans and utilizing effective instructional techniques. Dedicated to helping students succeed and fostering a positive learning atmosphere.


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong knowledge in classroom management and educational techniques
  • Proficient in use of educational software and technology
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Suite
  • Excellent organizational, problem solving and leadership skills


  • Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate and/or graduate students
  • Develop course materials such as syllabi, homework assignments and handouts
  • Evaluate and grade student’s class work, assignments, and papers
  • Work with faculty members to develop syllabi and instructional material
  • Provide guidance and support to students
  • Supervise student teaching assistants
  • Assist in student recruitment and admissions
  • Attend professional development seminars and conferences
  • Manage and coordinate research projects

0 Years



Adjunct Professor Resume with 2 Years of Experience

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable Adjunct Professor offering two years of experience teaching courses in business, finance and accounting. Skilled in curriculum development, student assessment, and classroom instruction. Adept at using technology to facilitate instruction, including virtual learning platforms. Possesses strong communication and interpersonal skills, able to build positive relationships with students and colleagues alike. Committed to helping students thrive and reach their academic goals.

Core Skills:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Student Assessment
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Technology Facilitation
  • Virtual Learning Platforms
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Relationship Building


  • Developed and implemented curriculum to meet student learning objectives
  • Assessed student progress through evaluation of assignments and exams
  • Provided students with feedback to help them understand and improve their performance
  • Utilized classroom instruction to support student learning
  • Facilitated technology to enhance the learning process including virtual learning platforms
  • Maintained positive relationships with students and faculty
  • Monitored student attendance and performance
  • Assisted in the recruitment and referral of students for campus programs and services

2+ Years



Adjunct Professor Resume with 5 Years of Experience

I am an experienced Adjunct Professor with 5 years of teaching experience. I specialize in creating innovative, engaging and interactive learning experiences for students. My expertise lies in developing meaningful curricula for a range of courses and providing support for students in their learning development. I have a proven record of success in developing and delivering comprehensive, interactive lectures, seminars and laboratories. I am also comfortable in online teaching, and I have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Core Skills:

  • Strong understanding of research- based teaching methods
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in developing meaningful curricula
  • Proficient in online teaching and teleconferencing
  • Ability to create engaging and interactive learning experiences
  • Experience in monitoring and guiding student performance
  • Ability to provide meaningful feedback to students


  • Developing syllabus, lectures and assessments
  • Delivering interactive lectures, seminars and labs
  • Mentoring and advising students
  • Monitoring student performance
  • Providing constructive feedback to students
  • Organizing and participating in student activities
  • Managing large classes
  • Collaborating with colleagues and staff
  • Maintaining accurate and up- to- date records
  • Preparing and grading student assignments and exams

5+ Years



Adjunct Professor Resume with 7 Years of Experience

I am a highly experienced Adjunct Professor with 7 years of teaching experience. I have a strong passion for teaching and mentoring students, and I am dedicated to making sure my classes are engaging and thought- provoking. My core skills include curriculum and lesson planning, assessment and evaluation of student performance, and communication skills. I have strong organizational skills and have a proven track record of meeting deadlines, ensuring all outcomes are achieved. I have built a successful curriculum, created engaging and innovative lesson plans, and have been able to facilitate student learning through a variety of teaching strategies.

Core Skills:

  • Curriculum and Lesson Planning
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Student Performance
  • Strong Communication and Organizational Skills
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Facilitating Student Learning
  • Creative and Innovative Teaching Strategies


  • Developing and implementing curriculum and lesson plans
  • Assess student understandings, evaluate student performance and providing feedback
  • Communicate effectively with students, staff, and other faculty members
  • Deliver creative and innovative lessons to promote student learning
  • Help to set and meet deadlines for course activities and assignments
  • Organize and facilitate presentations, discussions, and other learning activities

7+ Years



Adjunct Professor Resume with 10 Years of Experience

Highly organized and detail- oriented Adjunct Professor with 10 years of experience in the educational field. Proven ability to effectively manage large classrooms and diverse student populations. Skilled in the development and implementation of innovative teaching strategies. Demonstrated excellence in developing curricula and assessments. Committed to providing a high- quality learning experience and helping students succeed.

Core Skills:

  • Classroom management
  • Curriculum and assessment design
  • Instructional strategies
  • Delivery of lectures
  • Student evaluation
  • Student advising
  • Technology- enhanced teaching
  • Communication


  • Develop and implement curriculum for assigned courses
  • Deliver lectures and evaluate student progress
  • Prepare and grade exams and assignments
  • Maintain student records
  • Advise and assist students
  • Monitor student attendance and performance
  • Utilize technology to enhance teaching methods
  • Maintain a collaborative learning environment

10+ Years

Senior Manager


Adjunct Professor Resume with 15 Years of Experience

An accomplished Adjunct Professor with 15 years of experience in higher education, expertise in developing and delivering course material, and a commitment to students’ learning and growth. A results- driven individual with a track record of creating meaningful and engaging learning experiences for students. A dedicated team player with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, adept at working collaboratively with other faculty, staff, and administrators.

Core Skills:

  • Expertise in course development and teaching
  • Knowledge of best practices and strategies in teaching
  • Proficient in classroom management and dispute resolution
  • Ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with students
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong ability to work collaboratively with other faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Knowledge of current educational theories and trends


  • Developing and delivering course material to students
  • Creating meaningful and engaging learning experiences
  • Facilitating classroom discussions and activities
  • Assisting in the development of curricula
  • Monitoring and evaluating student performance
  • Maintaining student records and grades
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of evaluation tools
  • Assessing student learning and development
  • Engaging in professional development activities
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of student learning objectives
  • Facilitating student advising and counseling sessions
  • Engaging in research activities related to teaching and learning

15+ Years



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What should be included in a Adjunct Professor resume?

A resume for an adjunct professor is a key component in the job search process. Adjunct professors need to showcase their education, skills, experiences, and achievements in a comprehensive and organized manner. In order to make a good impression, the following information should be included in an adjunct professor resume:

  • Contact Information: List your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address. This will enable prospective employers to contact you quickly and easily.
  • Education: Include your highest degree earned, the institution where you studied, and the dates of your attendance. You should also include any courses, certifications, or other qualifications that are related to the adjunct professor position.
  • Teaching Experience: List any previous teaching experience, including the duration of your employment and the subjects that you taught. Be sure to include any special projects or development initiatives that you may have been involved in.
  • Professional Skills: Highlight any relevant skills that you possess, such as knowledge of a particular subject, excellent communication skills, or the ability to lead a classroom. You should also note any software programs that you are familiar with.
  • Research Experience: Include any research experiences that you have, such as published articles, conference presentations, and books.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities: Describe any other activities that you have participated in, such as serving on committees or volunteering in your community.

By including the above information in your resume, you can demonstrate your qualifications and highlight your experiences to prospective employers.

What is a good summary for a Adjunct Professor resume?

Writing a resume summary for an Adjunct Professor position is an excellent way to make sure it stands out from the competition. A good resume summary should be concise, highlighting the most important points in two to three sentences. The summary should focus on the applicant’s qualifications and expertise in teaching, as well as any other relevant professional experience they may have. It should also include areas of specialty, such as a certain subject matter or a particular grade level. Additionally, the summary should touch on any additional skills that the applicant may possess, such as the ability to use technology in the classroom or knowledge of different learning styles. By carefully crafting a resume summary, an applicant will be able to give potential employers a better idea of what makes them the best candidate for the position.

What is a good objective for a Adjunct Professor resume?

When crafting a resume for an Adjunct Professor position, it is important to include a clear and concise objective that illustrates your qualifications and explains why you are the ideal candidate. A good Adjunct Professor objective should focus on the specific skills and experience necessary to excel in the position.

Here are some examples of effective Adjunct Professor objectives:

  • To use my extensive knowledge and experience in teaching and education to effectively engage and educate students in a collegiate environment.
  • To apply my strong communication, leadership and organizational skills to provide quality instruction to students.
  • To leverage my expertise in course development and delivery to create an engaging and enriching learning environment.
  • To utilize my ability to effectively manage multiple tasks and provide individualized instruction to students.
  • To share my passion for education and strive to mentor and guide students to reach their full potential.

By utilizing an effective objective statement, you can showcase your unique skill set and demonstrate why you are the perfect candidate for the position. With an effective and clear objective, you can increase your chances of standing out in a competitive job market.

How do you list Adjunct Professor skills on a resume?

Adjunct professor positions require a variety of skills in order to be successful. When listing adjunct professor skills on a resume, be sure to emphasize key ones that can demonstrate your success in the role. Here are some skills to consider including:

  • Classroom Management: An ability to maintain order in the classroom setting and keep student engagement high.
  • Subject Knowledge: A deep knowledge of the subject matter being taught to ensure students understand the material.
  • Communication: Be able to communicate clearly and effectively with students in the classroom and in one-on-one settings.
  • Collaboration: Being able to work well with other faculty, staff, and administrators to ensure a productive learning environment.
  • Technology: Being comfortable with using technology for teaching, such as using online learning platforms, video conferences, and other digital tools.
  • Organizational Skills: The ability to organize and plan lessons and course content in an efficient and effective manner.

By listing these skills on your resume, you can demonstrate that you have the experience and qualifications necessary to be a successful adjunct professor.

What skills should I put on my resume for Adjunct Professor?

When applying for an adjunct professor position, your resume should focus on your academic qualifications and teaching experience. It should also include any professional or educational accomplishments that demonstrate your ability to work effectively in an academic environment.

To make sure your resume stands out from the competition, here are some skills to include when applying for an adjunct professor position:

  • Expertise in Your Academic Field: Demonstrate your expertise by listing your relevant degrees, publications, and awards.
  • Excellent Communication Skills: Highlight your ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts clearly and effectively.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills: Adjunct professors need to be able to interact with students and colleagues in a professional and respectful manner.
  • Experience Working With Students: Showcase any experience you have teaching students, such as tutoring or running extracurricular activities.
  • Knowledge of Teaching Methods: Adjunct professors need to be able to effectively engage students in the learning process.
  • Technology Proficiency: Adjunct professors often need to use technology in the classroom, so list any experience you have with teaching applications, software, and tools.

By including these skills and experiences on your resume for an adjunct professor position, you can give yourself a competitive edge.

Key takeaways for an Adjunct Professor resume

An Adjunct Professor is a part-time teaching role that can be found within most universities and colleges. As such, creating a resume for this type of employment requires a certain level of specialized knowledge in order to stand out and secure the most advantageous job. Following are some key takeaways on crafting the perfect adjunct professor resume.

  1. Highlight Your Educational Qualifications: One of the most important elements of an adjunct professor resume is the educational qualifications section. Here you should emphasize your academic qualifications, such as degrees and certifications, as well as any research experience in your field. Any awards or honors earned during your educational career should also be included.
  2. Emphasize Relevant Teaching Experience: Another key takeaway for an adjunct professor resume is to emphasize any relevant teaching experience. Include any prior teaching positions, such as teaching assistant and lecturer positions, as well as any other pertinent experience. Any workshops, seminars, or professional development activities that you’ve participated in can also be listed here.
  3. Showcase Your Professional Affiliations: Aside from highlighting your educational qualifications and relevant teaching experience, it is also important to showcase any professional affiliations or memberships you may have. Any professional organizations, such as the National Adjunct Faculty Association or the Adjunct Faculty Council, should be included in this section.
  4. Discuss Your Areas of Expertise: An adjunct professor resume should also include a section discussing your areas of expertise. Here, you can list the courses that you specialize in teaching, as well as any specializations or research topics that you are knowledgeable in.

By following these key takeaways, you can ensure your adjunct professor resume stands out amongst the competition. Showcasing your educational qualifications, relevant teaching experience, professional affiliations, and areas of expertise can demonstrate to potential employers that you are well-equipped for the role.

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