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Staff Nurse Resume Examples

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Being a staff nurse is a rewarding career path, but it can also be difficult to stand out in a highly competitive job market. Your resume is the first thing potential employers will see, so it’s important to make sure it is well-crafted and polished. To help you create a strong impression, this guide provides an overview of the essential elements of a successful staff nurse resume, along with helpful tips and examples. Through following these steps, you can ensure that your resume is up-to-date, concise, and professional.

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Staff Nurse Resume Examples

John Doe

Staff Nurse

123 Main Street | Anytown, USA 99999 | Phone: (123) 456-7890 | Email:

A highly motivated Staff Nurse with 8 years of professional experience in a variety of healthcare settings. Possesses excellent patient assessment, care planning, and communication skills. A team- player who is dedicated to providing quality care through a commitment to patient education and use of evidence- based practice.

Core Skills:

  • Advanced Clinical Nursing
  • Patient Assessment
  • Care Planning & Coordination
  • Medication Administration
  • Patient Education & Support
  • IV Therapy & Catheter Insertion
  • Teamwork & Leadership
  • Charting & Documentation

Professional Experience:

  • St. Mary’s Hospital, Florida (2013- present)
  • Provided direct patient care to a variety of patient populations in a high- volume acute care hospital setting.
  • Assisted in the implementation of evidence- based practice through patient education and the development of care plans.
  • Conducted patient assessments and provided treatment based on the assessment findings.
  • Administered medication and intravenous therapies.
  • Collaborated with physicians and other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive patient care.
  • Valley View Regional Medical Center, Florida (2009- 2013)
  • Assisted in the development and implementation of patient care plans.
  • Assisted physicians in various procedures.
  • Monitored patient vital signs and provided patient education.
  • Collaborated with interdisciplinary teams to ensure patient safety and quality of care.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Florida, 2009
  • Associate of Science in Nursing, Florida Community College, 2006

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Staff Nurse Resume with No Experience

Recent college graduate with an Associate Degree in Nursing eager to contribute comprehensive knowledge of healthcare and clinical procedures to a staff nurse role at a leading hospital. Offers excellent communication and problem- solving skills and a strong passion for providing high quality patient care.


  • Knowledge of medical terminology and healthcare regulations
  • Ability to multitask in a fast- paced environment
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent bedside manner and patient- oriented focus
  • Proficient in electronic medical records systems
  • Ability to work with diverse populations
  • Knowledge of medical administering and documentations


  • Provide direct bedside patient care and medical treatments based on physician instructions
  • Monitor patient vital signs and administer medications as prescribed
  • Evaluate patient progress and document findings accurately
  • Assess patient health condition and document changes
  • Educate and support patients and their families on care plans
  • Work collaboratively with physicians and other healthcare providers
  • Maintain patient privacy and adhere to HIPAA regulations
  • Communicate effectively with patients, families, and other medical providers

0 Years



Staff Nurse Resume with 2 Years of Experience

An experienced, licensed Staff Nurse with two years of experience providing patient- centered nursing care in a variety of clinical settings. Proven ability to establish rapport with patients and build trust quickly in order to ensure the highest quality of care through accurate assessment, implementation of evidence- based nursing interventions and patient education. Demonstrated commitment to patient safety and satisfaction by providing compassionate care.

Core Skills:

  • Assessing and evaluating patient condition
  • Administering medication and treatments as prescribed by a physician
  • Utilizing critical thinking skills to diagnose and assess treatment plans
  • Educating and informing patients and their families
  • Collaborating with physicians and other healthcare providers
  • Adhering to established healthcare protocols
  • Utilizing electronic health record systems


  • Conducting patient assessments, collecting data and developing a plan of care
  • Developing and implementing interventions to promote health and prevent disease
  • Monitoring vital signs and recognizing changes in patient status
  • Interpreting lab results and other diagnostic tests
  • Instructing patients and families on medication and treatment plans
  • Documenting patient care and progress
  • Participating in multidisciplinary team meetings to coordinate patient care
  • Developing and implementing patient education plans
  • Developing patient care protocols for specific diagnosis or conditions

2+ Years



Staff Nurse Resume with 5 Years of Experience

Highly experienced Staff Nurse with more than 5 years of experience in providing high- quality patient care in medical settings. Skilled in performing a wide range of nursing tasks, such as administering medications, monitoring vital signs, educating patients, and maintaining medical records. Demonstrated ability to stay current on the latest nursing trends, regulations, and best practices. Committed to providing excellent and compassionate patient care.

Core Skills:

  • Patient Assessment
  • Medication Administration
  • Health Education
  • Documentation & Record Keeping
  • Emergency Care
  • Clinical Skills
  • Infection Control
  • Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Laboratory Procedures


  • Provided direct patient care, including administering medications, monitoring vital signs, and assisting with activities of daily living
  • Collaborated with physicians and other healthcare professionals to develop patient care plans and ensure patients’ health and wellbeing
  • Evaluated patient progress and reported changes to healthcare team
  • Educated patients and families on disease management and prevention
  • Participated in multidisciplinary team meetings and activities
  • Maintained accurate patient records and reported to healthcare team
  • Provided assistance with laboratory services, including obtaining specimens and ordering tests
  • Assisted with wound care management and dressing changes

5+ Years



Staff Nurse Resume with 7 Years of Experience

A professional and experienced Staff Nurse with 7+ years of experience across various healthcare settings. I have a proven ability to provide consistent and diligent patient care, with a focus on holistic health and wellness. I am an efficient and organized healthcare professional, with a passion for helping patients and providing high- quality medical care. I possess excellent communication, organization, and problem- solving skills, and am able to work effectively under pressure in a fast- paced environment.

Core Skills:

  • Patient Care
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Nursing Procedures
  • Documentation & Charting
  • Pharmacology
  • IV Therapy
  • Infection Control
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Wound Care
  • In- Home Care


  • Administering medications, performing assessments, and providing treatments in accordance with established nursing protocols
  • Performing physical assessments and obtaining patient histories
  • Monitoring vital signs, noting changes in patient’s condition, and taking appropriate action
  • Assisting with activities of daily living, including feeding and bathing
  • Educating patients and families on health matters, providing emotional support, and promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • Developing and implementing individualized care plans based on patient needs
  • Consulting with physicians and other healthcare professionals to ensure optimal care
  • Documenting patient data, charting progress, and maintaining accurate patient records
  • Assisting with infection control procedures, housekeeping, and other general duties

7+ Years



Staff Nurse Resume with 10 Years of Experience

An experienced and talented staff nurse with 10 years of experience in nursing and medical services. Possess excellent bedside manner as well as compassionate and caring attitude for patients. Highly skilled in assessment and diagnostic procedures, administering medications and treatments, and providing patient education. Well- versed in developing and implementing nursing care plans and administering medical care in accordance with physician instructions.

Core Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of medical terminology
  • Proven ability to provide quality and compassionate care to patients
  • Expertise in assessing and monitoring patient conditions
  • Adept at providing accurate and timely medical treatments
  • Solid understanding of health and safety regulations
  • Proficiency in monitoring vital signs including temperature, pulse and blood pressure


  • Assessing and evaluating patient’s condition on a regular basis
  • Providing patient- centered care and administering medications
  • Performing diagnostic tests and interpreting results
  • Delivering high- quality nursing services to all patients
  • Providing patient and family education regarding their care
  • Documenting patient’s medical history and treatments
  • Collaborating with other healthcare professionals to create care plans

10+ Years

Senior Manager


Staff Nurse Resume with 15 Years of Experience

Highly motivated and experienced Staff Nurse with 15 years of clinical experience in providing excellent patient care. Skilled in both critical and non- critical care, I have a proven record of consistently providing quality nursing services and successfully delivering patient care plans. I have a deep level of knowledge when it comes to administering medication, managing medical equipment and providing emotional support to both patients and their families.

Core Skills:

  • Compassionate patient care
  • Excellent clinical skills
  • Fully certified and licensed
  • In- depth knowledge of current procedures and protocols
  • Ability to stay calm and take charge in emergency situations
  • Proficiency in a variety of medical administrative software
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills


  • Providing top- notch patient care, ensuring the physical and emotional comfort of patients
  • Administering medication according to doctor’s orders
  • Developing patient care plans and managing medical equipment
  • Performing diagnostic tests to assess patient status
  • Observing patients and taking vital signs
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of nursing care plans
  • Providing emotional support to patients, their families and other healthcare staff
  • Maintaining medical records and updating patient information
  • Assisting doctors and other medical staff with various medical procedures

15+ Years



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What should be included in a Staff Nurse resume?

The resume of a Staff Nurse is an essential tool in the job search process. In order to stand out from the competition, it is important that your resume reflects the skills and experience you offer to the role. Here are some important elements to include when crafting your resume. – Professional Summary: Write a short, yet powerful summary of your qualifications. Be sure to include your years of experience as a Nurse, any certifications you have, and any specialties you may have.

  • Education: Include your relevant educational background. List your degree, any relevant certifications, and any continuing education courses you may have taken.
  • Professional Experience: List any previous positions held that are relevant to the Staff Nurse role. This could include any clinical positions you have held, any managerial roles, or any volunteer positions. Describe your responsibilities in each role, and any achievements or successes.
  • Skills: Showcase any important skills that would be beneficial to the role. This could include any specific medical or technical skills, any specialties you may have, or any areas of expertise.
  • Reference: Include a list of references with contact information.

By including these elements in your Staff Nurse resume, you will be sure to make a lasting impression on potential employers.

What is a good summary for a Staff Nurse resume?

A good summary for a Staff Nurse resume should clearly highlight the job seeker’s experience and qualifications in nursing. It should also emphasize their dedication to providing high-level patient care, their ability to work in a fast-paced medical environment, and any specialties or certifications they possess. The summary should also demonstrate the job seeker’s skills and knowledge of medical terminology, equipment and procedures. Additionally, any relevant education and training should be included in the summary. Finally, the summary should include any awards or recognition the job seeker has received in their nursing career.

What is a good objective for a Staff Nurse resume?

A staff nurse resume should include an objective that provides employers with a clear understanding of the candidate’s professional goals and objectives. A good objective should be concise, yet provide enough detail to give employers a sense of the nurse’s qualifications and experience. Here are some examples of a good objective for a staff nurse resume:

  • To secure a position in a professional healthcare environment where I can utilize my nursing skills to provide quality care to patients
  • To utilize my clinical experience and interpersonal skills to provide exceptional patient care in a dynamic healthcare setting
  • To contribute to the nursing team in a busy hospital setting by utilizing my extensive clinical knowledge and medical expertise
  • To use my specialized nursing skills to provide quality patient care and promote optimal outcomes
  • To provide compassionate care to patients while utilizing my nursing skills to promote positive health outcomes

By including an objective on their resume, staff nurses can help employers quickly identify their qualifications and make the process of selecting the best candidate easier.

How do you list Staff Nurse skills on a resume?

When creating a resume for a Staff Nurse position, it is important to highlight the skills you possess that make you the ideal candidate for the job. A well-crafted list of skills can help you stand out and prove your suitability for the position. Here are some common skills for a Staff Nurse to list on a resume:

  • Patient Care: Staff Nurses are responsible for providing quality care to patients. This includes assessing their condition, recognizing and addressing any medical needs, and administering medications or treatments.
  • Clinical Skills: You will need to have excellent clinical skills, such as the ability to accurately assess a patient’s condition and develop treatment plans. Additionally, you should be familiar with common medical procedures and instruments, as well as medical terminology.
  • Communication: Communication skills are essential for any healthcare provider. You should be able to effectively interact with patients, colleagues, and other medical professionals. This includes being able to explain medical procedures and treatments to patients in an understandable way.
  • Documentation and Record Keeping: As a Staff Nurse, you will need to be proficient in the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. This includes entering patient data into the system and ensuring all records are accurate and up to date.
  • Time Management: You will need to be able to manage your time effectively, as you will be responsible for multiple tasks and may be required to work under tight deadlines.
  • Leadership: You will need to have strong leadership skills, as you may be responsible for managing and supervising other nurses or lower-level medical personnel.

These are just a few of the skills you should consider including when creating a resume for a Staff Nurse position. Highlight the skills you possess that make you the ideal candidate for the job and you will be well on your way to getting the job you want.

What skills should I put on my resume for Staff Nurse?

As a staff nurse, you need to demonstrate a wide range of skills on your resume. These skills are important to highlight in order to show potential employers that you are the right person for the job. Here are some essential skills to include on your resume for a staff nurse position.

  • Patient Care: In order to be an effective staff nurse, you must possess excellent patient care skills. You should be able to provide compassionate care to patients and ensure that all their needs are being met.
  • Communication: As a staff nurse, you must be able to effectively communicate with your patients as well as other healthcare professionals. You must also have excellent written and verbal communication skills in order to document patient information and communicate effectively with other team members.
  • Leadership: In a staff nurse role, it is important to be able to lead and supervise other nurses. You need to be able to delegate tasks and coordinate patient care effectively.
  • Clinical Skills: You must have a comprehensive knowledge of medical terminology and treatments in order to provide quality care to your patients. You should also be able to assess patient conditions and administer medications correctly.
  • Time Management: You must be able to manage your time effectively in order to provide timely care to your patients. You will also need to be able to prioritize tasks and work efficiently to ensure that all patient needs are met.

By highlighting these skills on your resume, you will be able to showcase your qualifications and demonstrate your ability to be a successful staff nurse.

Key takeaways for an Staff Nurse resume

Writing a resume for a nursing position can be tricky. As a staff nurse, you are expected to have a wide range of skills and abilities that set you apart from other potential candidates. In this blog, we will discuss key takeaways for an effective staff nurse resume.

First and foremost, highlight any certifications or qualifications you may have. This could include any specialized training or certifications related to nursing that you have obtained. This information is important to include as it shows potential employers that you possess the necessary skills and knowledge to be a successful staff nurse.

Second, emphasize your experience in the field. This includes any relevant work experience, internships, or volunteer positions that you have held in the nursing field. Be sure to include any positions that you have held in the past that have helped to prepare you for the staff nurse role.

Third, make sure to include a list of your top skills. This should include anything related to patient care, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and any other skills that you feel you possess that make you stand out. Be sure to include any awards or recognitions that you have received in the past that demonstrate your excellence.

Finally, include any additional information that would be relevant to the role. This includes any leadership positions that you have held, professional development courses that you have completed, or any other unique experiences that you may have.

These are just a few of the key takeaways that you should include in an effective staff nurse resume. By following these tips, you can ensure that your resume stands out among other applicants and positions you as the ideal candidate for the job.

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