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Cleaning Lady Resume Examples

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Having a professional resume is a must for any job seeker, and that includes a cleaning lady resume. Crafting a strong resume for a cleaning lady position can be a challenge, however, due to the wide range of qualifications and skills that potential employers may be looking for. This guide will provide tips and advice to help you create an effective cleaning lady resume that showcases your best attributes and sets you apart from other job seekers. Additionally, we will provide several examples of resumes that have been successful in securing cleaning lady positions, so that you can see what employers are looking for and get inspired when developing your own resume.

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Cleaning Lady Resume Examples

John Doe

Cleaning Lady

123 Main Street | Anytown, USA 99999 | Phone: (123) 456-7890 | Email:

I am a highly experienced Cleaning Lady with over 10 years of experience in providing the highest quality of cleaning services in both residential and commercial environments. I have extensive knowledge in using a variety of cleaning products and equipment, ensuring the cleanliness of a wide range of surfaces. I am adept at following instructions and safety precautions, as well as using time- management skills to ensure all assigned tasks are completed in a timely manner. I am capable of working a variety of hours and am an extremely hard worker who is always eager to take on new cleaning challenges.

Core Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of cleaning products and equipment
  • Able to follow instructions and safety procedures
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Highly organized and detail- oriented
  • Physically fit and able to perform strenuous activities
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Time management skills and ability to work under pressure

Professional Experience:

  • ABC Cleaners, Cleaning Lady, 2019- Present
    • Cleaned and sanitized all surfaces, furniture, fixtures, and appliances
    • Followed safety procedures when handling cleaning products
    • Adhered to all cleaning protocols and maintained high standards of cleanliness
    • Performed multiple tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and scrubbing
    • Coordinated with other staff members to ensure timely completion of assigned tasks
  • XYZ Cleaners, Cleaning Lady, 2017- 2019
    • Maintained a clean, organized, and safe work environment
    • Used appropriate cleaning products for various services such as waxing and floor care
    • Followed detailed instructions from clients and supervisors
    • Performed general housekeeping tasks such as dusting, sweeping, and window cleaning
    • Ensured that all areas were properly stocked with supplies


  • High School Diploma, ABC

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Cleaning Lady Resume with No Experience

Energetic and hardworking Cleaning Lady with no experience in the janitorial field. Excellent time management skills, attention to detail and the ability to remain motivated while working independently.


  • Self- motivated
  • Detail- oriented
  • Excellent time management
  • Strong work ethic
  • Good communication skills


  • Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming floors
  • Cleaning bathrooms and kitchen areas
  • Wiping down surfaces
  • Dusting furniture
  • Emptying garbage and recycling bins
  • Restocking supplies
  • Maintaining a safe and clean environment

0 Years



Cleaning Lady Resume with 2 Years of Experience

I am an experienced Cleaning Lady with two years of experience in the industry. I have a strong background in ensuring a safe and clean environment for clients. I am highly organized, detail oriented and able to work with minimal supervision. I have knowledge of proper cleaning techniques, cleaning chemicals and other materials required to carry out the cleaning duties. My key strengths are my reliability, punctuality and dedication to providing quality results.

Core Skills:

  • Knowledge of cleaning techniques and products
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Attentive to detail
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Great customer service
  • Physically fit


  • Vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing and polishing floors
  • Cleaning windows, walls and ceilings
  • Dusting and polishing furniture
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms
  • Emptying and cleaning wastebaskets
  • Washing dishes and other kitchen items
  • Replenishing supplies in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Inspecting and reporting any maintenance issues
  • Following health and safety guidelines

2+ Years



Cleaning Lady Resume with 5 Years of Experience

Highly experienced Cleaning Lady with 5 years of experience delivering superior quality service to a variety of residential customers. Skilled in managing multiple cleaning tasks simultaneously and using eco- friendly products and solutions. Committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for customers and their families.

Core Skills:

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Organizational Skills
  • Time Management
  • Attention to Detail
  • Eco- friendly Solutions
  • Safety Practices


  • Perform cleaning tasks according to company standards and customer requests
  • Dust furniture, vacuum carpets, and mop floors to ensure cleanliness
  • Clean and sanitize bathrooms and kitchen areas
  • Empty trash cans and replace liners
  • Wipe down surfaces with eco- friendly solutions
  • Maintain safety and health standards
  • Ensure all equipment is in working condition
  • Report customer requests and problems to supervisor
  • Perform additional tasks as requested
  • Follow safety and security procedures

5+ Years



Cleaning Lady Resume with 7 Years of Experience

A highly motivated and reliable professional with 7 years of experience in the cleaning service industry. Possessing a strong ability to effectively clean and manage a variety of demanding tasks in an efficient manner. A hardworking and dependable professional accustomed to working long shifts in a fast paced environment. Committed to providing exceptional customer service and creating clean and comfortable environments for customers.

Core Skills:

  • Knowledgeable in the use of janitorial and industrial cleaning supplies
  • Ability to complete cleaning tasks in a timely fashion
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Proven reliability and strong work ethic
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Physical strength and stamina to carry out heavy lifting and lengthy tasks
  • Skilled in operating cleaning machines such as vacuum cleaners and mops


  • Cleaning floors, bathrooms, and kitchens
  • Changing bed linens and restocking bathroom supplies
  • Sweeping, dusting, and mopping floors
  • Vacuuming upholstered furniture, carpets, and curtains
  • Washing windows and mirrors
  • Cleaning and disinfecting sinks and countertops
  • Taking out trash and recycling
  • Sweeping and scrubbing sidewalks and driveways

7+ Years



Cleaning Lady Resume with 10 Years of Experience

I am an experienced Cleaning Lady with 10 years of comprehensive experience in providing cleaning services to a wide range of clients. I have a proven track record of providing superior cleaning services to both private and corporate clients. I am highly organized, detail- oriented and have excellent customer service skills. I am comfortable using a variety of cleaning supplies, equipment and techniques and I am able to work autonomously and as part of a team.

Core Skills:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to follow instructions and take initiative
  • Proficient with a variety of cleaning supplies and techniques
  • Highly organized and detail- oriented
  • Ability to work autonomously and as part of a team
  • Always punctual and reliable
  • Good time management skills


  • Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and dusting of floors, furniture, and surfaces
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms, sinks, showers, and tubs
  • Washing windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing kitchen appliances
  • Cleaning and changing bed linens
  • Cleaning and organizing closets, cabinets, shelves, and drawers
  • Empty waste bins and replace liners
  • Sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing of hardwood, tiled, and carpeted floors
  • Polishing and cleaning hard surfaces such as countertops, tables, and chairs
  • Scrubbing and disinfecting sinks, showers, and toilets
  • Cleaning and organizing refrigerators, cabinets, and cupboards
  • Re- stocking supplies such as towels and toilet paper.

10+ Years

Senior Manager


Cleaning Lady Resume with 15 Years of Experience

Experienced Cleaning Lady with a passion for details and a passion for ensuring customer satisfaction. I have 15 years of experience in the cleaning industry. I have a strong background in cleaning, sanitation and general maintenance. I am a reliable and hardworking individual who always strives to do the best job possible. I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and enjoy working with people.

Core Skills:

  • Strong cleaning experience
  • Detailed & Quality Oriented
  • Reliable & Punctual
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • General maintenance
  • Sanitation


  • Perform regular cleaning duties such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and cleaning restrooms
  • Monitor and replenish cleaning supplies
  • Strictly adhere to safety and sanitation guidelines
  • Maintain cleanliness and organization of the workplace
  • Ensure all equipment and areas are properly cleaned, sanitized and maintained
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Perform additional duties as requested
  • Follow instructions from management

15+ Years



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What should be included in a Cleaning Lady resume?

A Cleaning Lady resume should include all the basic sections that any other resume would include, such as an objective, qualifications, and previous work experience. However, there are some unique aspects that should be added to any Cleaning Lady resume to make it stand out.

  • Objective: A brief statement of your overall career goals, such as wanting to provide excellent cleaning services to homes and businesses in order to make them safe, comfortable, and attractive.
  • Qualifications: Any certifications or qualifications that you have in the cleaning industry, such as knowledge and experience in a variety of products and techniques.
  • Work Experience: A list of all your previous cleaning experience, including the names of the businesses and homes you have worked for, the dates you were employed, and the types of cleaning tasks you were responsible for.
  • Skills: Special skills and knowledge that you possess, such as being able to effectively use cleaning products, operate heavy machinery, or handle hazardous materials safely.
  • Additional Skills: Any additional skills that you may have, such as being able to work well with a team, having excellent communication skills, or being able to work independently.
  • References: A list of references who can vouch for your work experience, qualifications, and skills.

By including all of these elements in your Cleaning Lady resume, potential employers will be able to get a better understanding of your capabilities and qualifications.

What is a good summary for a Cleaning Lady resume?

A Cleaning Lady resume should be a summary of the candidate’s hardworking and reliable experience. It should include references from employers, a comprehensive list of cleaning duties performed, and any specialized skills or certifications the Cleaning Lady may have. Additionally, the resume should include any relevant qualifications such as language fluency or any safety certifications. It should also include the candidate’s contact information, as well as any availability or flexible scheduling information. A Cleaning Lady resume should be tailored to the job being applied for, highlighting the experience and skills that are the most relative to the position. Finally, the resume should be straightforward and clear, making it easy for employers to quickly skim and determine the best candidate for the position.

What is a good objective for a Cleaning Lady resume?

A Cleaning Lady is a vital part of any home, office, or business. Having an effective resume can help you land the job you desire and be successful in the position. Your objective statement should be tailored to the job and what the employer is looking for. Here are some tips for crafting an effective resume objective for a Cleaning Lady position:

  • Demonstrate the skills needed to be a successful Cleaning Lady, such as an attention to detail, the ability to multi-task, and organization skills.
  • Show employers you understand the importance of the role of the Cleaning Lady, including the need to deliver quality service to customers.
  • Highlight your work history, including any related experience as a cleaner and any customer service skills.
  • Demonstrate your ability to work independently, as well as work with a team.
  • Show a commitment to professional growth and development.
  • Summarize your qualifications and experience in a way that will make employers want to invite you for an interview.

How do you list Cleaning Lady skills on a resume?

A Cleaning Lady should have an impressive resume that illustrates their skills and abilities. When listing Cleaning Lady skills on a resume, it’s important to be specific and include examples to demonstrate your proficiency.

Here are a few skills that should be included on a Cleaning Lady resume:

  • Proficient in cleaning products and techniques: Cleaning Lady jobs require you to use a variety of cleaning products and techniques. You should be able to demonstrate your ability to use various tools and cleaning solutions to get the job done efficiently.
  • Knowledge of safety procedures: Cleaning Lady jobs require you to be aware of and follow safety protocols. You should be able to demonstrate your knowledge of safety practices and procedures when cleaning.
  • Time management and organizational skills: Cleaning Lady jobs require you to manage your time efficiently and be organized. Listing examples of how you have managed time and organized tasks in previous roles can help demonstrate your abilities in this area.
  • Ability to lift and move heavy objects: Cleaning Lady jobs often require you to be able to lift and/or move heavy objects. Make sure to include examples of how you have handled lifting and moving in previous roles.
  • Excellent communication skills: Cleaning Lady jobs sometimes require you to communicate with customers and other staff. Include examples of how you have communicated with external parties in past roles.

By including examples of your Cleaning Lady skills on your resume, you can help show employers that you are the right fit for the job.

What skills should I put on my resume for Cleaning Lady?

When creating a resume for a cleaning lady position, it’s important to showcase the skills and experiences that make you qualified for the job. Here are some skills and qualifications that should be featured on a resume for a cleaning lady:

  • Attention to detail: Cleaning requires attention to detail and thoroughness. Demonstrate that you have an eye for detail and take pride in your work by highlighting your attention to detail on your resume.
  • Knowledge of cleaning products: Cleaning ladies should have knowledge of the different types of cleaning products and how to use them safely and effectively. Mention any professional cleaning certifications or training courses you’ve taken on your resume.
  • Time management: Cleaning ladies should be able to manage their time effectively in order to complete their work in a timely manner. Describe any time management skills you’ve developed in previous positions on your resume.
  • Physical fitness: Cleaning can be a physically demanding job. Show that you have the physical strength needed to do the job by highlighting any physical fitness certifications or training courses you’ve completed.
  • Interpersonal skills: Cleaning ladies should be able to communicate effectively with customers when necessary. Feature any interpersonal skills you have such as customer service, communication, and problem solving on your resume.

By including these skills on your resume, you can show employers you’re the right person for the job.

Key takeaways for an Cleaning Lady resume

When you’re writing a resume for a Cleaning Lady position, there are some key takeaways to keep in mind. Your resume should be structured with a professional tone and focus on your experience and qualifications. It should be tailored to the specific job you’re applying for, making sure to highlight the skills and traits that make you a great candidate.

Here are some key takeaways to help you craft the perfect Cleaning Lady resume:

  1. Focus on Your Cleaning Ability: Cleaning ability is one of the most important qualifications for the job and should be one of the primary focus of your resume. Make sure to include your experience with various methods of cleaning, such as vacuuming, mopping, window cleaning, and so on.
  2. Detail Your Experience: While cleaning ability is important, it’s not the only qualification for the job. Be sure to include details about your prior experience in the housekeeping field, including any cleaning jobs you’ve had in the past.
  3. Highlight Your Organizational Skills: Cleaning Lady jobs often require a lot of organization and attention to detail. Be sure to highlight your organizational skills and any experience you have with successfully managing and organizing things.
  4. Demonstrate Reliability: Cleaning Lady jobs require reliable and trustworthy individuals. Make sure to include details about how reliable you are and your punctuality record to demonstrate this.
  5. Include References: Including references on your resume helps to show potential employers that you’re reliable and trustworthy. Make sure to include at least two references who you’ve worked with in the past and can speak to your work ethic and qualifications.

By following these key takeaways when writing your Cleaning Lady resume, you’ll be sure to make a great impression on potential employers and increase your chances of getting the job.

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