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Photographer Resume Examples

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Writing a winning resume for a photographer is all about showcasing your creativity, organizational and technical skills, as well as your passion for capturing images. Whether you specialize in portraiture, weddings, or commercial photography, having a comprehensive resume is essential for getting your foot in the door. In this guide, we’ll provide professional advice and helpful examples to ensure you create a resume that stands out from the rest. From building an eye-catching profile summary to including key skills, we’ll guide you through crafting a resume that will help you capture the attention of potential employers.

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Photographer Resume Examples

John Doe


123 Main Street | Anytown, USA 99999 | Phone: (123) 456-7890 | Email:

I am an experienced and passionate photographer with a degree in photography and more than 10 years of experience in product, portrait, and food photography. I am well versed in capturing high- quality images and have extensive knowledge of digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, and Lightroom. I am also comfortable working with a variety of cameras, lighting, and editing equipment.

Core Skills:

  • Photographic Knowledge/Technique: Expertise in digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, and Lightroom.
  • Camera/Lighting Equipment: Proficient in the use of cameras, lighting, and editing equipment.
  • Professionalism: Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Creativity: Creative and innovative problem- solving skills.

Professional Experience:

  • Senior Photographer, ABC Company (2014- Present):
    • Capture high- quality images for product, portrait, and food photography.
    • Utilize Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance and retouch photos.
    • Manage and maintain a variety of cameras, lighting, and editing equipment.
    • Collaborate with other team members to ensure the highest quality images.
  • Photographer, XYZ Company (2009- 2014):
    • Captured high- quality images for product, portrait, and food photography.
    • Utilized Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance and retouch photos.
    • Managed and maintained a variety of cameras, lighting, and editing equipment.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, College University (2005- 2009)
  • Associate of Arts in Photography, Community College (2003- 2005)

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Photographer Resume with No Experience

Hardworking and detail- oriented photographer with strong interest in photography and a passion for capturing beautiful images. Looking to gain experience in the photography field to build a career.


  • Strong photographic knowledge and skill
  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Familiarity with digital camera operations and maintenance
  • Proficiency in photo editing and post- processing
  • Excellent eye for composition and framing
  • Strong knowledge of lighting techniques


  • Set up, test, and adjust photography equipment
  • Capture images of people, places, and events as directed
  • Work with clients to ensure satisfaction with captured images
  • Edit and retouch photographs for maximum impact
  • Organize and store digital images
  • Create and deliver prints and digital copies of images
  • Fix lighting issues to create the best possible image

0 Years



Photographer Resume with 2 Years of Experience

A diligent and creative photographer with two years of experience in the field. Eager to bring creative ideas and technical expertise to every project. Passionate about producing engaging visual content, capturing real moments, and always seeking to improve. Skilled in Adobe Suite and drone photography technology.

Core Skills:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Editing & Retouching
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Drone Photography
  • Lighting & Studio Setup
  • Organization & Time Management


  • Coordinating with clients to ensure desired results
  • Capturing and editing photos
  • Producing engaging visual content
  • Setting up and operating a variety of studio equipment
  • Enhancing images through post- processing techniques
  • Working with drones to capture aerial photography

2+ Years



Photographer Resume with 5 Years of Experience

A professional photographer with 5 years of experience in various fields. Able to capture stunning photos of a variety of subjects in different settings. Demonstrates proficiency in the latest photography technologies and has a keen eye for detail. Able to work independently, as well as part of a team, to get the best results. Enjoys being creative and embracing new challenges.

Core Skills:

  • Digital photography
  • Photo editing
  • Lighting
  • Camera operation
  • Studio management
  • Visual storytelling
  • Graphic design
  • Team work


  • Prepare for shoots, including researching locations and acquiring necessary equipment and props
  • Set up lighting and cameras to capture images
  • Take photographs of people and/or objects in different settings
  • Edit photos to ensure the highest quality results
  • Use a range of photo editing software to enhance images
  • Design graphics to accompany photographs
  • Liaise with clients to ensure their needs are met
  • Maintain inventory of equipment and ensure it is in proper working condition

5+ Years



Photographer Resume with 7 Years of Experience

Self- motivated professional with seven years of experience in Photography. Proven track record of producing visually stimulating photographs for both commercial and private clients. In- depth knowledge of photographic equipment, editing software, and digital media. Expert in lightning and color correction, with a keen understanding of how to capture the perfect photograph every time. Dedicated to meeting client expectations and consistently delivering high- quality results.

Core Skills:

  • Lighting and Color Correction
  • Photo Editing Software
  • Digital Media
  • Photography Equipment
  • Client Relations
  • Creative Vision
  • Portfolio Management


  • Shoot photos for private and commercial projects
  • Use digital cameras and other equipment to capture images in a variety of settings
  • Edit and enhance photos using software such as Photoshop
  • Meet with clients to discuss project details and develop creative vision
  • Manage portfolio to ensure professional quality
  • Create fully optimized digital images for websites and other media outlets
  • Ensure all images are of the highest quality and meet clients’ expectations

7+ Years



Photographer Resume with 10 Years of Experience

Results- driven professional with a decade of experience in the photography industry. Highly skilled in capturing and editing digital media, knowledgeable of post- production processes, and experienced in managing a wide range of photography projects. Demonstrated exceptional customer service and communication skills to complete assignments on time and ensure customer satisfaction.

Core Skills:

  • Expertise in working with digital cameras
  • Proficiency in editing software such as Photoshop and Lightroom
  • In- depth knowledge of photography principles and techniques
  • Ability to use a variety of photographic equipment
  • Excellent sense of composition and timing
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects
  • Exceptional customer service and communication skills


  • Collaborating with clients to determine their photography needs
  • Planning and executing photo shoots
  • Editing images to create high- quality finished products
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting equipment
  • Working with a team of photographers and other specialists
  • Setting up and breaking down equipment
  • Packing and transporting equipment to locations
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with clients
  • Ensuring all projects are completed on time and within budget

10+ Years

Senior Manager


Photographer Resume with 15 Years of Experience

Skilled, creative and professional photographer with 15 years of experience capturing and editing emotionally powerful images. Demonstrated expertise in creating studio and outdoor photography, editing photos, developing portfolios, and collaborating with clients to meet their vision. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, technical knowledge, and the ability to think creatively to produce captivating images.

Core Skills:

  • Studio and Outdoor Photography
  • Photo Editing
  • Portfolio Development
  • Lighting Set up and Maintenance
  • Image Retouching
  • Photo Shoot Planning
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Client Collaboration
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Collaboration with Models


  • Developed and implemented photo shoots for clients in accordance with their needs and vision
  • Coordinated and managed resources, logistics and equipment for photo shoots
  • Set up and maintained lighting equipment for photo shoots
  • Edited and retouched photos to ensure quality and clarity
  • Developed and implemented ideas for portfolio development
  • Collaborated with models to create engaging and dynamic images
  • Managed digital assets, including storage and backups
  • Created storyboards for upcoming projects
  • Provided support and assistance to other photographers and editors

15+ Years



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What should be included in a Photographer resume?

A photographer’s resume should include all the important aspects of a job seeker’s background and experience. It should also be tailored to the specific job being applied for. Here are some of the key elements to include in a photographer resume:

  • Contact information: Include your name, phone number, email address and physical address.
  • Work experience: Summarize all past experience as a photographer, including internships and freelance jobs.
  • Education: List your education, including any photography courses taken and their respective grades.
  • Skills: Highlight any photography-related skills that you possess, such as photo editing, darkroom work, lighting, etc.
  • Equipment: List any photography equipment you own, as well as any software that you are proficient with.
  • Portfolio: Include a link to your online portfolio or provide a link to a PDF version.
  • References: Include contact information for two or three references who can vouch for your professional skills and experience.

What is a good summary for a Photographer resume?

A photographer’s resume should showcase their creative and technical skills, experience, and education to capture potential employers’ attention. An effective summary should highlight the photographer’s most important qualifications, such as their years of experience, the types of photography they specialize in, and any specialized equipment they may own. The summary should also showcase the photographer’s knowledge of the industry, their understanding of the latest trends and techniques, and their commitment to staying on top of the current developments. Finally, the summary should make it clear that the photographer is customer-focused, an excellent communicator, and an individual capable of delivering high quality results. With this summary, a photographer can make their resume stand out from the competition and get the attention of potential employers.

What is a good objective for a Photographer resume?

A good objective for a Photographer resume should be focused on highlighting your unique skills and experiences as a Photographer, while also demonstrating your enthusiasm for the profession. A successful Photographer resume objective should be concise and to the point, and should include the following:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamentals of photography, including digital and analog techniques.
  • Proven ability to produce high-quality photos for a variety of mediums.
  • Experience in studio and field work, including lighting, setup, and post-production.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current trends and technology in the field of photography.
  • Possess strong organizational skills with the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills for working with clients and colleagues.
  • An ability to stay up-to-date with emerging trends in photography and the industry.

By crafting a clear and concise objective that showcases your unique skills and experiences as a Photographer, you can make sure that your resume stands out from the competition.

How do you list Photographer skills on a resume?

When it comes to highlighting your skills as a photographer on a resume, it is important to focus on the most relevant skills that employers are looking for. Here are some tips on how to list photographer skills on a resume:

  • Include your technical skills such as knowledge of digital photography, photo editing, and use of digital archiving systems.
  • Demonstrate your creative skills, such as composition, lighting, and editing.
  • Demonstrate your ability to produce high-quality images, as well as your understanding of the latest trends in photography.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of photography equipment, such as lenses, cameras, filters, and lighting.
  • Showcase your knowledge and experience in working with different types of clients and projects.
  • Demonstrate your ability to work effectively and efficiently in a variety of settings.
  • Showcase any awards or recognition you have received for your work.
  • List any workshops or classes you have taken to improve your skills as a photographer.
  • List any volunteer work or special projects you have done related to photography.
  • Talk about any professional networks you are a part of.
  • Showcase your ability to work with a range of budgets and deadlines.
  • Talk about any software or equipment you have experience with.
  • Mention any relevant certifications or licenses you have.
  • List any other relevant skills, such as communication and customer service.

What skills should I put on my resume for Photographer?

Photography is an art and a skill, making it important to showcase what you have to offer on your resume. To make yourself stand out, it’s important to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and experience to be a successful photographer. Here are some skills that should be included on your resume for Photographer:

  • Technical Knowledge: Knowledge of cameras and photography equipment, such as lenses, filters, and flashes, is essential for a photographer. Be sure to list any technical knowledge you have in the field.
  • Editing Software: Being able to manipulate images using software such as Photoshop and Lightroom is a must for any photographer. List any software you’re familiar with and your experience level.
  • Eye for Detail: Attention to detail is essential in photography. You need to be able to recognize and capture the perfect shot. Include any experience or courses you’ve taken that have helped hone your eye for detail.
  • Creative Vision: Every great photographer has a unique style and vision. Showcase your creativity on your resume by listing any awards or recognition you have received for your work.
  • Communication: Photography isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s about creating a vision. Being able to communicate your ideas and collaborate with others will be key to your success.
  • Flexibility: As a photographer, you need to be able to adapt to different environments and shoot on the fly. Make sure to list any experience that has helped you become a flexible and resourceful photographer.

By highlighting these skills and experiences, you’ll be able to demonstrate to potential employers that you have the skills and experience necessary to be a successful photographer.

Key takeaways for an Photographer resume

A photographer resume is an important document that serves as a summary of a photographer’s experience and skills. It is a great way to showcase the photographer’s work and show potential employers their value and what they could bring to the company. Here are some key takeaways for creating an effective photographer resume:

  1. Be clear and concise – A photographer resume should be clear, concise, and straight to the point. Avoid writing too much information and instead focus on describing relevant experience and skills.
  2. Highlight experience – A photographer resume should highlight any relevant experience the photographer has. This can include a list of projects worked on, the types of photography they specialize in, and the tools and equipment they are familiar with.
  3. Include samples of work – Including samples of photography work is a great way to showcase the photographer’s skills and creativity. Include a portfolio of their work and include the link to their online portfolio.
  4. Proofread – Proofreading the resume is essential. Before sending it off, make sure to read through the document and check for any spelling and grammar mistakes.
  5. Make it stand out – It’s important to make the photographer’s resume stand out from other applicants. Use a unique format and include any awards or accolades that the photographer has received.

By following these key takeaways, photographers will be able to create an effective and professional resume that will make them stand out from the competition.

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