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Recreation Director Resume Examples

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Writing a resume for a Recreation Director position can be challenging. Your resume is not only a reflection of your skills and experience, but also a reflection of your character and your ability to lead a team. You need to make sure that you include all the necessary information and present it in a professional and organized manner. The purpose of this blog post is to provide some tips and tricks to creating a successful Recreation Director resume, as well as a few examples of what a great resume should look like. With this guide, you can make sure that your resume stands out and gets you the job you deserve.

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Recreation Director Resume Examples

John Doe

Recreation Director

123 Main Street | Anytown, USA 99999 | Phone: (123) 456-7890 | Email:

Highly motivated and experienced Recreation Director with a diverse background in recreation, sports and fitness. Proven track record in developing, implementing and managing recreational programs such as intramural sports, afterschool programs and camps for both children and adults. Skilled in creating and leading staff, working with and engaging in a diverse community, and developing meaningful relationships with all departments. Committed to delivering the highest quality of service while providing a safe, supportive and fun environment.

Core Skills:

  • Recreation Programming and Management
  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Public Relations and Community Outreach
  • Event Planning and Coordination
  • Risk Management and Safety Protocols
  • Staff Supervision and Development

Professional Experience:
Recreation Director, Eco Adventures
August 2017 – Present

  • Develop and implement recreational programs, such as intramural sports and afterschool programs, for children and adults
  • Oversee and manage the budget for all recreational programs
  • Collaborate with other departments and community members to ensure programs are meeting their needs and expectations
  • Recruit, hire, and train staff to ensure they are knowledgeable and supportive of all recreational programs
  • Implement risk management and safety protocols to ensure all participants are safe
  • Organize and manage special events, such as camps, festivals and tournaments

Recreation Coordinator, Urban League of America
June 2015 – August 2017

  • Coordinated and implemented recreational programs for children and adults
  • Developed and maintained relationships with community partners to ensure the success of recreational programs
  • Managed the budget for all recreational programs
  • Recruited and trained staff to ensure they are knowledgeable in all aspects of recreational programming
  • Ensured all programs met the

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Recreation Director Resume with No Experience

Hardworking, enthusiastic recreation director with excellent organizational skills and a proven commitment to providing a positive recreational experience for all. Looking to bring my energy and dedication to a new position.


  • Strong organizational skills
  • Knowledge of recreation- related activities
  • Ability to develop and execute recreational programs
  • CPR/First Aid certification
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Adaptable to a variety of situations


  • Direct and coordinate recreational activities for participants
  • Ensure safety regulations are adhered to during activities
  • Organize and set- up recreational venues
  • Supervise recreational staff and volunteers
  • Train and educate staff and volunteers in safety regulations, program development and customer service
  • Monitor and evaluate recreational activities to ensure effectiveness and satisfaction

0 Years



Recreation Director Resume with 2 Years of Experience

Dynamic and enthusiastic Recreation Director with two years of experience in the field of recreation, sports and leisure. Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, highly organized and skilled in resolving problems in a timely manner. Proven track record in creating and supervising recreational activities, arranging and operating leisure services and managing staffing. Demonstrated ability to build relationships and rapport with staff and customers.

Core Skills:

  • Knowledge of customer service and requirements
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Skilled in problem solving
  • Ability to build relationships with staff and customers
  • Experienced in setting up recreational activities
  • Proficient in managing the staffing and resources
  • Familiarity with health, safety and legal standards
  • Ability to plan and organize leisure services


  • Supervision of a diverse range of leisure activities
  • Creating a suitable environment for leisure activities
  • Arranging and organizing leisure services
  • Assisting in recruiting, training, and evaluating personnel
  • Developing and implement educational, youth and cultural programs
  • Determining the needs of the customers and providing customer service
  • Ensuring that the activities are within the health and safety standards
  • Maintaining the budget within the allocated resources
  • Monitoring the activities and resolving any potential problems
  • Attending meetings, conferences and events related to leisure activities

2+ Years



Recreation Director Resume with 5 Years of Experience

Seasoned Recreation Director with 5+ years of experience managing recreational facilities, directing and coordinating leisure activities, and planning and implementing special events. Proven ability to hire, train, and coach staff members, develop and manage budgets, and evaluate programs to ensure they meet user demand. Extensive knowledge of health and safety regulations and best practices. Skilled at developing relationships with diverse groups to promote collaboration.

Core Skills:

  • Recreational facility management
  • Recreation program development
  • Staff training and coaching
  • Budget management
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Collaboration
  • Special events planning
  • Customer service


  • Managed leisure activities, programming, and special events for recreational facility
  • Developed and administered the facility’s budget
  • Hired, trained, and coached staff members to ensure programs and activities ran smoothly
  • Evaluated each program to determine its effectiveness and user demand
  • Ensured health and safety regulations were adhered to at all times
  • Developed relationships with diverse groups in the local community to promote collaboration
  • Ensured customer service standards were met at all times

5+ Years



Recreation Director Resume with 7 Years of Experience

A motivated and experienced Recreation Director with seven years of experience in the recreation field. Proven track record of success in developing and managing recreation programs for all ages. Skilled in customer service, marketing, budgeting and event management. Experienced in program planning, development and implementation. Possesses strong leadership and communication skills and has the ability to motivate and inspire others.

Core Skills:

  • Program Planning & Development
  • Customer Service
  • Budgeting
  • Event Management
  • Marketing
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Community Engagement


  • Develop and implement programs to meet the recreational needs of the community
  • Develop and manage budgets for recreation programs
  • Design marketing activities for recreation events and programs
  • Coordinate with vendors for events and programs
  • Develop strategies for engaging community members in recreation activities
  • Supervise and motivate recreation staff
  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and safety standards
  • Provide customer service to patrons of recreation activities
  • Organize and oversee special events such as festivals, concerts, and tournaments

7+ Years



Recreation Director Resume with 10 Years of Experience

Dynamic and enthusiastic recreation director with 10 years of experience in planning, organizing, and developing leisure activities in a variety of settings, including schools, community centers, and parks. A strong leader and team player with excellent communication and management skills. Demonstrated ability to gain the trust of Board members, parents, and staff. Skilled in developing recreational activities and programs to improve community involvement and increase membership.

Core Skills:

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Time Management
  • Adaptability
  • Customer Service


  • Organizing, implementing and evaluating recreational activities
  • Developing and managing budgets
  • Supervising and managing staff
  • Creating recreational programs
  • Identifying and organizing community resources
  • Implementing safety regulations for staff and participants
  • Developing policies and procedures to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all
  • Recruiting and training volunteers
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with sponsors and partners
  • Providing customer service to program participants and families

10+ Years

Senior Manager


Recreation Director Resume with 15 Years of Experience

A highly experienced and organized Recreation Director with 15 years of experience in the field. Skilled in program development, budget management, staffing, customer service relations, and leading a team. Proven track record of success in organizing a wide range of events and programs that met or exceeded the goals of the organization. Highly organized and able to maintain a positive attitude in all types of work environments.

Core Skills:

  • Program Development
  • Budget Management
  • Staffing & Scheduling
  • Customer Service Relations
  • Event & Program Organization
  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Public Relations & Marketing


  • Developed and implemented a wide range of recreational programs and activities for all age groups.
  • Managed day- to- day operations and ensured that all programs and activities were conducted safely and responsibly.
  • Ensured appropriate staffing of programs by recruiting, training and supervising staff and volunteers.
  • Developed and maintained a budget for the recreational department.
  • Ensured compliance with all legal, safety and risk management requirements.
  • Developed and maintained positive relationships with members, participants, and the general public.
  • Negotiated contracts and pricing with vendors.
  • Organized and oversaw the setup and teardown of events and programs.
  • Managed and tracked account receivable payments and accounts payable.
  • Developed promotional materials, such as flyers and brochures, to promote recreational programs.
  • Provided guidance and support to staff and volunteers.

15+ Years



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What should be included in a Recreation Director resume?

A Recreation Director plays a vital role in creating entertainment and leisure activities for a variety of audiences. As such, the Recreation Director’s resume should reflect the individual’s experience, qualifications, and skills related to the job. Here is a list of key elements to consider including on a Recreation Director resume:

  • Education: List educational qualifications and relevant degrees.
  • Professional Experience: Include a detailed list of professional experiences, including previous roles as a Recreation Director or related positions.
  • Certifications: Highlight any specialized certifications related to recreation and leisure activities.
  • Skills: List relevant skills such as knowledge of recreation regulations, ability to design activities, and skill in managing staff.
  • Leadership Qualities: Demonstrate strong leadership qualities such as organizational skills, attention to detail, and strong communication skills.
  • Creative Thinking: Showcase creativity in developing and delivering exciting activities for a variety of audiences.
  • Achievements: List any awards or accomplishments related to the Recreation Director role.

All of these elements should be included on a Recreation Director resume to demonstrate the individual’s qualifications and capabilities. With the right information, a Recreation Director can stand out in the job market and be well on their way to a successful career in recreation and leisure activities.

What is a good summary for a Recreation Director resume?

A Recreation Director resume should effectively summarize the candidate’s experience in the recreational field. It should highlight their knowledge of the recreational field, their ability to manage people, and their commitment to providing quality recreational services. The summary should also highlight any special certifications or awards the candidate has received in their field. The summary should express the candidate’s dedication to providing quality recreational experiences to those they serve. It should also demonstrate the candidate’s ability to handle various responsibilities and create a successful recreational program. Finally, the summary should paint a picture of the candidate as a well-rounded professional in the field of recreation.

What is a good objective for a Recreation Director resume?

When writing a resume for a Recreation Director position, it is important to think about what your overall objective is. A Recreation Director is responsible for creating and organizing activities, programs, and events for community members to enjoy. To be successful as a Recreation Director, you need to have strong organizational, communication, and leadership skills. A clear objective on your resume will show potential employers that you are a great fit for the job.

Here are some examples of good objectives for a Recreation Director resume:

  • To use my organizational and communication skills to create engaging programs, events, and activities for the community to enjoy.
  • To leverage my leadership and problem-solving skills to ensure all programs are executed flawlessly and are as successful as possible.
  • To actively contribute to the growth and development of the organization through my creativity and passion for recreation.
  • To lead a team of recreation staff in order to maximize productivity and maintain a high quality of customer service.
  • To build strong relationships with community members and organizations through engaging and meaningful recreational activities.

How do you list Recreation Director skills on a resume?

Writing a resume for a Recreation Director position requires careful consideration of the job description and highlighting the most important qualifications. When crafting a resume for a Recreation Director role, it is important to showcase your experience, relevant skills, and accomplishments. Here is a list of Recreation Director skills to include on a resume:

  • Organization: Recreation Directors must be able to efficiently plan, organize and manage recreational activities, programs and special events.
  • Communication: Possessing strong communication skills is essential for Recreation Directors to relay important information to staff, customers and the public.
  • Leadership: Recreation Directors must have the ability to lead, motivate and mentor staff, as well as serve as a positive role model.
  • Problem-solving: Recreation Directors must be able to quickly and effectively address any issues that arise during activities, programs or events.
  • Customer service: Delivering outstanding customer service is essential for Recreation Directors as they often interact directly with customers and the public.
  • Budgeting: Recreation Directors must be able to create and manage budgets for programs and activities.
  • Event planning: Recreation Directors need to have the ability to plan and execute special events, such as festivals and community gatherings.
  • Safety: Ensuring the safety of all customers, participants and staff is a top priority for Recreation Directors.
  • Marketing: Recreation Directors must be able to promote programs, events and services in order to attract customers and participants.

What skills should I put on my resume for Recreation Director?

Recreation Directors are responsible for planning, promoting, and organizing recreational activities for a variety of teams, programs, and events. As such, it is important to highlight your key skills and qualifications on your resume to showcase your abilities as a Recreation Director.

When writing your resume, consider the following skills and qualifications to best highlight your experience and qualifications:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the principles of recreation and leisure activities: As a Recreation Director, it is essential to have a broad understanding of the principles of recreation, sports, and leisure activities. Be sure to emphasize your knowledge in this area to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Strong leadership and communication skills: Recreation Directors need to be able to lead and manage teams and activities, as well as effectively communicate with participants, parents, and other stakeholders. Make sure to highlight your ability to take charge and draw out the best in people.
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills: As a Recreation Director, it is essential to be highly organized and able to plan activities and run events. Showcase your experience in handling the details of planning and running recreational activities.
  • Ability to develop and maintain relationships: Recreation Directors must be able to build and maintain relationships with participants and stakeholders. Highlight your experience in connecting with people and developing effective partnerships.
  • Passion for recreation and sports: While not a direct skill, it is important to demonstrate your personal interest in recreation and sports. Showcase your enthusiasm and dedication to the field.

By highlighting your key skills and qualifications, you can showcase your experience and skills as a Recreation Director on your resume. Use these qualifications to draw the attention of potential employers and demonstrate your expertise and qualifications for the position.

Key takeaways for an Recreation Director resume

As the Recreation Director, you are responsible for the management and operation of recreation activities and programs for a facility or municipality. That means your resume needs to showcase your skills and experiences in order to demonstrate your aptitude for the job. Here are some key takeways to include in your Recreation Director resume:

  1. Demonstrate your leadership experience by outlining your successes in managing a team of Recreation Staff, leading projects, and ensuring quality control of programs.
  2. Highlight your interpersonal skills, such as your ability to foster positive relationships with participants, stakeholders, and community members.
  3. Showcase your experience in developing and managing budgets, as well as your expertise in planning and organizing events and activities.
  4. Stress your analytical skills by providing examples of how you have used data and analytics to drive decision-making.
  5. Include your certifications and other qualifications, such as CPR and First Aid certification, to demonstrate your commitment to the health and safety of participants.
  6. Make sure to emphasize your commitment to customer satisfaction and your ability to promote a safe and enjoyable recreational environment.

By including the above key takeaways in your Recreation Director resume, you can emphasize the qualities and skills that make you an ideal candidate for the position. With a strong and comprehensive resume, you can be confident that you will be considered for the job.

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