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Clerical Worker Resume Examples

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Writing a resume as a clerical worker can be tricky. After all, you need to show your potential employer that you have the skills necessary to be an effective and reliable employee. But how do you do that? This guide will provide you with examples and tips on how to write an effective resume for a clerical worker that will help you stand out from the crowd. With information on how to best highlight your skills and experiences, this guide will provide you with the tools to create a resume that is sure to be noticed by employers. So, let’s get started and learn how to craft the perfect clerical worker resume.

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Clerical Worker Resume Examples

John Doe

Clerical Worker

123 Main Street | Anytown, USA 99999 | Phone: (123) 456-7890 | Email:

A highly organized and detail- oriented professional with 8 years of experience as a Clerical Worker, I possess excellent communication, multi- tasking and problem- solving skills. Skilled in managing a busy work environment efficiently and effectively, I possess the ability to complete tasks accurately and in a timely manner. I have a proven track record of ensuring quality customer service and a desire to make the workplace more efficient.

Core Skills:

  • Computer proficiency in MS Office software
  • Quick and accurate data entry
  • Excellent problem- solving skills
  • Proficient in customer service
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks
  • Strong organizational and time management skills

Professional Experience:

Clerical Worker, ABC Corporation, 2015- Present

  • Manage and update company records for accuracy
  • Respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner
  • Prepare invoices and report documents
  • Enter data into computer system according to specified protocol
  • Troubleshoot data entry issues and quickly resolve them
  • Assist with the preparation of monthly billing statements


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, XYZ University, 2014

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Clerical Worker Resume with No Experience

Motivated and organized individual looking for a clerical worker position. Possesses a strong aptitude for learning and adapting to new situations. Hardworking, reliable and a team player.


  • Strong organizational skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Ability to prioritize tasks
  • Ability to multi- task


  • Answer phone calls, take messages and respond to inquiries
  • File documents and maintain filing system
  • Perform data entry tasks to input and retrieve information
  • Assist with mail distribution, sorting and delivery of materials
  • Maintain office supplies, order and replenish as needed
  • Assist with coordination of office events and meetings
  • Manage scheduling, calendar and travel arrangements

0 Years



Clerical Worker Resume with 2 Years of Experience

Diligent and organized clerical worker with 2 years of experience providing exceptional customer service and administrative support. Excellent skills in data entry, filing, and knowledge of office software. Detail- oriented and able to effectively prioritize tasks for smooth administrative operations.

Core Skills:

  • Data entry
  • Filing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Ability to prioritize tasks
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Written and verbal communication


  • Greeted customers and answered phone calls to respond to inquiries
  • Processed and updated customer information in computer systems
  • Composed and distributed emails and letters
  • Filed and retrieved documents as requested
  • Maintained office supplies and managed inventory
  • Edited and proofread documents for accuracy
  • Organized and scheduled meetings and appointments
  • Entered and processed data into various software programs

2+ Years



Clerical Worker Resume with 5 Years of Experience

Results- driven and detail- oriented professional with 5 years of experience as a clerical worker. Familiar with customer service, document processing and customer accounts. Skilled in multitasking and problem- solving. Highly organized and detail- focused with expertise in office administration and support.

Core Skills:

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, including Word and Excel
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and multitask
  • Excellent problem- solving and decision- making skills
  • Knowledge of office procedures and processes


  • Greet customers, answer inquiries, and provide general information
  • Input customer data into computer systems and databases
  • Process customer orders and provide tracking updates
  • Create and manage customer accounts
  • Maintain a filing system for customer records and invoices
  • Compile and analyze data for various reports and projects
  • Organize and maintain office supplies and inventory
  • Create and edit documents
  • Monitor and respond to customer inquiries and complaints
  • Assist with administrative tasks as needed

5+ Years



Clerical Worker Resume with 7 Years of Experience

An experienced Clerical Worker with 7 years of experience in performing various administrative and clerical tasks. Possesses excellent computer skills and a great attention to detail. High proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and other software applications. Eager to contribute to the efficient operations of an organization through effective organization and management of daily office activities.

Core Skills:

  • Administrative Support
  • Data Entry
  • Organizing Documents
  • Task Prioritization
  • Customer Service
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Computer Proficiency


  • Performed various administrative and clerical tasks such as filing, data entry, mail distribution and phone operation
  • Provided customer service to visitors and clients
  • Organized and maintained filing system, both electronically and manually
  • Maintained conference rooms and meeting rooms
  • Processed invoices and payments
  • Assisted with payroll and personnel files
  • Greeted visitors and answered incoming calls
  • Prepared reports and presentations
  • Managed office supplies and equipment
  • Assisted with the organization of company events

7+ Years



Clerical Worker Resume with 10 Years of Experience

Highly organized, detail- oriented and customer service- focused administrative professional with 10+ years of progressive experience in office administration, financial recordkeeping, customer relations, event coordination and general clerical duties. Proven track record of providing thorough and accurate support to executive- level staff and customers, ensuring their needs are met in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Core Skills:

  • General office management
  • Financial recordkeeping
  • Customer service
  • Conflict resolution
  • Event coordination
  • Data entry
  • File organization
  • Scheduling
  • Travel arrangements
  • Oral and written communication


  • Execute a wide range of clerical and administrative duties as assigned, including customer service, filing, data entry, recordkeeping, event coordination and scheduling
  • Manage office operations and ensure staff and customers receive exceptional service and support
  • Handle customer inquiries promptly, accurately and professionally
  • Maintain financial records and process payments
  • Coordinate travel and accommodation arrangements for staff
  • Prepare reports, presentations and documents
  • Monitor inventory levels and place orders for necessary supplies
  • Assist with the organization of events, meetings and conferences
  • Assist with the onboarding of new staff and provide support as necessary

10+ Years

Senior Manager


Clerical Worker Resume with 15 Years of Experience

Highly organized and detail- oriented Clerical Worker with 15 years of hands- on experience in office management and administrative support. A self- starter with a positive attitude and excellent customer service skills. Highly skilled in managing complex tasks, problem solving, and working under tight deadlines. Possesses excellent interpersonal skills to foster relationships with clients, supervisors, and peers.

Core Skills:

  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Documentation
  • Filing & Organization
  • Multi- tasking
  • Scheduling
  • Problem- solving


  • Provided administrative and clerical support to all staff members.
  • Organized and maintained confidential document filing systems for client records.
  • Coordinated the preparation and completion of documents, such as reports and presentations.
  • Managed and updated office databases, spreadsheets, and files.
  • Inputted data accurately into electronic filing systems.
  • Assisted with the filing of confidential paperwork.
  • Prepared drafts, memos, and letters.
  • Answered incoming calls and provided support to clients.
  • Assisted with special projects as requested.
  • Performed general office duties such as ordering supplies, sorting mail, and distributing documents.

15+ Years



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What should be included in a Clerical Worker resume?

A clerical worker is responsible for providing administrative support for a variety of organizational tasks, such as organizing paperwork and data, filing, scheduling, and other related tasks. To land a clerical job, you must have a resume that stands out from the competition. Here is what should be included in a clerical worker resume:

  • Professional Summary: A brief summary that outlines your qualifications and experience for the position.
  • Work History: A comprehensive list of your past work experience, including job titles, dates employed, and a description of the duties performed.
  • Education: Listing of any educational degrees or certifications you have obtained.
  • Technical Skills: List of computer skills such as word processing, spreadsheet software, database management, etc.
  • Language Skills: List of any foreign languages you are proficient in.
  • Soft Skills: Include any interpersonal skills such as communication, customer service, problem solving, etc.
  • Awards/Accomplishments: List any awards or special achievements you have received.
  • References: List of 2-3 professional references with their contact information.

What is a good summary for a Clerical Worker resume?

A Clerical Worker resume should provide a clear and concise summary of the applicant’s experience, skills and qualifications. It should demonstrate the applicant’s ability to perform the essential tasks of a clerical worker. The summary should focus on the applicant’s strengths, such as organizational and communication skills, data entry, filing, customer service and problem-solving. Additionally, the summary should highlight any relevant experience, such as previous clerical positions and volunteer experience. Finally, the summary should include any special qualifications and certifications that the applicant may possess, such as Microsoft Office certification or a typing speed of over 50 words per minute.

What is a good objective for a Clerical Worker resume?

A clerical worker is responsible for performing various office tasks, such as filing, typing, copying, and answering the phone. When writing a resume for a clerical role, it’s important to have a clear objective that outlines the skills and qualifications you bring to the table. Here are some good objectives to consider for a clerical worker resume:

  • To obtain a position as a Clerical Worker where I can utilize my typing, organization, and communication skills to support the company in its daily operations.
  • To obtain a Clerical Worker position where I can contribute my advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office and organizational abilities.
  • Seeking a Clerical Worker position where I can apply my filing, data entry, and customer service skills.
  • To obtain a Clerical Worker role where I can use my ability to multi-task and prioritize tasks efficiently.
  • Seeking a Clerical Worker position where I can use my excellent communication and interpersonal skills to manage various office tasks.
  • To obtain a Clerical Worker role where I can utilize my professional experience to provide quality and reliable office support.

By having a clear and concise objective on your resume for a clerical role, you can help demonstrate to employers your capabilities and how you can best contribute to the company.

How do you list Clerical Worker skills on a resume?

When creating a resume to apply for a clerical position, it is important to include all of your relevant clerical skills. This will allow potential employers to get a sense of your abilities, and whether or not you have the right qualifications for the job. When listing your clerical worker skills on your resume, make sure to include any relevant experience, software proficiency, and knowledge areas.

  • Familiarity with office procedures: Include any experience you have with office procedures, such as filing, typing, data entry, and answering phones.
  • Proficiency with computer software: Note any computer software you are proficient in using, such as Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Basic accounting skills: If you have experience in basic accounting, such as entering data into ledgers, tax filing, and journal entries, make sure to include this on your resume.
  • Attention to detail: Clerical work often requires a lot of accuracy and attention to detail. Make sure to highlight any experience or qualifications you have in this area.
  • Organizational skills: Clerical work requires excellent organizational skills to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. If you have any experience in this area, make sure to include it on your resume.
  • Ability to communicate clearly: Clerical work also requires excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Make sure to mention any qualifications or experience you have in this area.

By including all of your clerical worker skills on your resume, you will be able to show potential employers that you are the best fit for the job. Make sure to be as detailed as possible when listing your skills and qualifications.

What skills should I put on my resume for Clerical Worker?

The job of a clerical worker requires a variety of skills. When putting together your resume for a clerical worker position, it is important to emphasize the skills that make you a great candidate for the job. Here are some skills to consider adding to your resume for a clerical worker position:

  • Organization: A clerical worker needs to be able to organize documents, data and other information in an efficient and accurate manner.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Clerical workers often have to interact with customers and colleagues, so good interpersonal skills are essential.
  • Detail-Oriented: Clerical workers need to pay attention to details so they can accurately input data into databases and other systems.
  • Computer Skills: Clerical workers need to be comfortable working with computers and other technology. This includes knowledge of basic programs such as Microsoft Office and the ability to learn new programs quickly.
  • Time Management: Clerical workers need to be able to manage their time effectively and complete tasks quickly and accurately.
  • Communication Skills: Clerical workers need to be able to communicate clearly and accurately in person, on the phone and in writing.

By highlighting these skills on your resume, you can demonstrate that you are a qualified candidate for the clerical worker position.

Key takeaways for an Clerical Worker resume

When you’re looking to land a job as a clerical worker, your resume will be an important factor in helping you stand out from the competition. To ensure that your resume does its job of showing off your skills and experience, there are a few key takeaways that you should focus on.

First, list your experience and skills in a way that will demonstrate your value as a clerical worker. Make sure to include any administrative or clerical experience that you have, as well as any additional skills that are relevant to the job. It’s also important to showcase any certifications or training that you’ve received in order to demonstrate your commitment to the profession.

Second, make sure that your resume is organized in a way that’s easy to read. Keep it concise and make sure to avoid cluttering it with unnecessary details.

Third, highlight any relevant transferable skills that you have. Even if you don’t have direct experience in the field, you may have skills that can still be put to use.

Finally, emphasize your accomplishments and successes. Clerical workers are often responsible for a variety of tasks, so it’s important to show that you’re able to handle them with a high degree of proficiency.

By following these key takeaways, you’ll be able to create a clerical worker resume that will stand out and help you land the job that you’re after. With the right resume, you’ll be able to show employers that you’re dedicated and committed to succeeding in the profession.

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