The Trade Marketing Manager is responsible for developing and implementing the marketing strategy for a company, putting it in place, and making sure the appropriate resources are allocated. The successful Trade Marketing Manager will be able to manage a range of people from marketers to developers to support staff. In addition, they must understand how marketing strategies move across different markets.

If you’re a Trade Marketing Manager looking for your next marketing position, it’s time to dust off your CV! We know that every industry is different and that not all markets are the same. However, some general guidelines will apply to nearly every market:

Understand how different markets will react to your marketing strategy, keep an eye out for market trends, and study competitors to adjust strategies accordingly.

Trade Marketing Manager CV Sample:

How to write a Trade Marketing Manager CV:

  1. “Use a range of keywords relevant to your industry, seniority level, and specific skills where possible. This will help to ensure that your CV is picked up by the recruitment software used by most recruitment agencies.”
  2. “If you are applying for roles at a high level and want to demonstrate you have the required experience, try adding an ‘achievements’ section.”
  3. “When composing your CV it is important to make sure you deliver your message clearly and concisely. It is highly recommended that you use complete sentences.”
  4. “Setting out the most important information first always increases the chance of your CV being picked up. It also helps to send recruiters the message that you are professional and dedicated.”
  5. “It is important that your CV reflects the relevant experience you have gained over the years. Introduce with a starting point and highlight previous experiences and achievements that relate to each role you are applying for.”
  6. “Be sure to include any relevant awards, qualifications, or achievements to make your CV stand out from others. Mention any training and development programmes that you have been involved in and the results achieved.”
  7. “The introduction section of a CV is where you set out your career history, interests, skills and experience. This is where you are able to share achievements, plans and targets for the future.”
  8. “Keep it short and concise with a minimum of 45 words per page, which is about 1,000 words. Include all the important information you can so that recruiters are able to make an informed decision.”
  9. “A good way to display your skills and experience, especially on a CV that is going to be scanned electronically by a recruitment agency, is by using bold and underlined text.”

Trade Marketing Manager Structuring your CV:

Your CV is written to convince an employer that you are the perfect fit for a job. For many, this is the very first point of contact in the recruitment process. You want to get noticed!

A good starting point is to consider the qualities that you are seeking in a new position. It can be helpful to think of your strengths and needs. The more specific you make your requirements, the more likely it will be that an employer will recognize your value when they read about them on your CV and in interviews.

  • When designing your CV, think about the position and company you are targeting. Take a look at their requirement, read a couple of press releases, or take a look at their competitors, to see what you need to be mentioning on your CV.
  • Think about your work experience: what past jobs have you had that will help you with this new one?
  • Does this position offer the right rewards, benefits, and environment for your personal development?
  • Use a template to structure your CV; it gives you a framework to organize your information logically and clearly. It also provides you with some guidelines on formatting, suggestions for appropriate fonts and styles, headings, spacing, etc.
  • If you have a gap in between jobs in your career history or if it seems as though you are making a jump from one job to another, be prepared with an explanation.
  • Consider revisiting your CV for clarity and focus.
  • You can use your CV to promote yourself, to attract interest from potential employers or employers who are already interested in you. If possible, do an introductory telephone interview before sending off a job application.
  • explanation of who you are, why you are interested in a particular position, and how your skills match the employer’s needs. This letter is usually attached to the end of your CV and should be brief, concise, and clear.
  • If you want to send a hard copy version of your CV as well (it’s up to you), please print clearly on good quality A4 paper.

Trade Marketing Manager CV Format:

Trade marketing managers, also often known as marketing managers in trade, are responsible for the promotion of a product to its intended market. They oversee advertising, promotions, and product development. Their job is to help increase sales and profitability. A well-written Trade Marketing Manager CV can be the difference between success and failure in a career in trade marketing.

The ideal Trade Marketing Manager CV aims to attract the attention of firms that operate in the consumer goods industry.

A trade marketing manager is in charge of advertising and promotion for a product, as well as overseeing its development and packaging. For example, a car manufacturer may want to launch a new model or redesign the current vehicle.


  • The Trade Marketing Manager CV needs to be in a particular format and to look particular. If it is not, then it will be immediately discarded and the candidate will be passed over for another more qualified individual.
  • The CV must showcase the candidate’s achievements in trade marketing. It is one thing to say that he or she has experienced, but it is another thing to show how much they have progressed since they first began their career.
  • The focus should be on experience and success. As such, a candidate should stick to a single page or two at most with references that highlight what they have done in trade marketing, as well as who the most significant people were that they met along that journey.
  • It is important to note how many years a person has been working in trade marketing and to demonstrate why that person is the best for the job. The applicant must consider his or her experience when writing out the CV.
  • The education of the candidate is important, but the CV should focus on what he or she has accomplished at each stage of their career.
  • The candidate should always have a well-thought-out plan of how they will achieve specific goals when they become a trade marketing manager.
  • A CV must be well-written and clear. The last thing that employers want to do is to struggle through the hundreds of applications they received, only to find that the applicant’s writing style is either off-putting or unintelligible.
  • When writing a CV for trade marketing manager positions, it is essential to focus on achievements and skills rather than just on education and experience. It also needs to be in the right format and structured correctly.

Trade Marketing Manager CV profile:

A Trade Marketing Manager CV profile should be highly targeted towards the role being applied for, however, there are a number of common elements which can be incorporated into your CV.

The aim is to immediately engage the reader’s attention and interest in your application. Alternatively, it may also be used to include a disclaimer or statement about why you are applying for the role or if you feel you do not meet all the requirements but what skills you can bring to the role.


  • The first paragraph is sometimes referred to as the ‘hook’ or the ‘grabber.’ This is a short summary of what you want to tell the reader. It’s also useful for people who have a lot of text on their CV – it lets them get to the point quickly without having to read everything.
  • This is where your CV can be broken down into several pertinent subheadings that highlight skills and experience relevant to the role.
  • Today’s CV may also include any additional information about the role, such as the company size, requirements or what you are applying for.
  • Ensure that your CV is focused on the role you are applying for and highlights your skills and experience to ensure that you get noticed.
  • Avoid using jargon and industry-specific terms, as these can make it difficult to understand for recruiters who may not be working in your industry.
  • When writing a CV, try to keep it professional and concise. It needs to be easy to read with no errors, and you will only have one chance at making a good impression.
  • While there is no set length for a CV, it should be immediately clear what type of job you are applying for and why. It should also focus on your achievements.
  • A good CV is one that presents your personal information in the right way in relation to the role you are applying for. It should also include your professional history, skills, and experience to ensure that it is easily read by the recruiter or employer.

Trade Marketing Manager Work experience:

A Trade Marketing Manager Work experience is a vital part of any CV. The Work experience section is where you can highlight your most important positions and responsibilities in previous jobs. This is the place to list company names, location (city and state), position titles, and employment dates. Start your work experience with the most recent position held.

Since the Work experience is your most important section, be sure to use this as an opportunity to highlight your unique qualifications and strengths. Place a strong emphasis on accomplishments and results. If you have extensive work experience (10+ years), incorporate a summary statement at the beginning of your work experience listing the highlights of your career, such as “Responsible for growing XYZ company from $1million in sales to over $5million in just two years”.


  • Highlight your unique qualifications by detailing how you contributed to your organization’s success.
  • Use action words to describe your accomplishments and results.
  • If you have not held a position for an extended period of time, show what you have been doing with your time.
  • If you have recently changed positions, use the bottom of your work experience section to give a brief overview of the last two positions held.
  • Highlight your most significant skills.
  • Keep track of your changes since you last updated your CV by noting the dates of each position held.
  • Use your CV objective to tell the recruiter why you are an excellent candidate for a position.
  • If you have held numerous positions in your career, tell an honest yet brief story about each position you held. Look at each of these jobs as a different chapter in your life’s journey.

Top 10 Trade Marketing Manager CV skills:

1. Innovation: Managed product launch for a new trading platform and sourced business across all over the world in a specific time and from research to launch campaign, which included promotional events around the globe.
2.Business development: Worked with merchants and payment providers in the local market to gain common goals for the e-commerce platform.
3.Product management: Sourced local luxury products for the new e-commerce website of a famous brand, negotiated prices, and secured deals.
4.Strategic planning: Led a packaging design team to develop a new concept of Luxury packaging for one of the famous brands in the industry.
5.Finance: Experienced with handling challenges, risks, and cost reduction: Managed budget to keep up with the financial goals of a new commerce project.
6.Marketing and events: Managed the strategic plan of the company’s events, campaigns, and marketing in social media. Helped to deliver a successful campaign resulting in a new product range.
7.Time management: Managed conflicting demands to achieve goals and establish a budget for marketing and sales campaigns.
8.Communication/Software skills: Worked closely with the CEO to discuss major and minute details of the e-commerce platform.
9.Customer service: Managed all the customer service issues in the luxury b2b e-commerce platform.
10.Negotiation: Negotiated with big suppliers to create a plan for a breakthrough e-commerce platform before the release of a new product in the market.

Trade Marketing Manager Cover Letter:

A Trade Marketing Manager Cover Letter is your one-pager, a crucial marketing tool that can sell you to the hiring manager. Written in a clear and professional style, this letter is your opportunity to showcase your strengths to the company and prove that you deserve the job. This document should include information about your past experience, skills, and accomplishments, while also providing contact information so that a hiring manager may get in touch with you.

The best way to create a trade marketing manager cover letter is to start by targeting your CV to companies you want to work with by adding keywords that match the job description.


  • Keep your letter to one page because the employer will likely spend only a few minutes reading it. Don’t waste that time with any excess fluff.
  • Use the introduction to catch attention, focusing on your main skills and experience. Don’t forget to mention why you want to work for this company (the value you could bring in) and use keywords from the job description.
  • Use the body paragraphs to explain how you handled specific challenges or problems using your unique skills and abilities.
  • Use the closing paragraph to express your interest in the company or position and your desire to meet with them.
  • State that you are applying for a specific position, which is related to your qualifications and experience.
  • The most important thing is that you should keep it short and interesting, so try not to make it too long since it’s only one page long.

Key Takeaways:

  • This is what differentiates great writers from average ones: they can tell a story, and leave the reader feeling that you have shared their thoughts in a relatable way. (how to make your page clear, concise and easy to follow)
  • If you can vividly paint a picture for the reader, they will inherently trust that you know what it takes to get the position. (how to add color and life into your writing)
  • Write engagingly, making sure each sentence paints a picture for the reader. (how to ensure your CV is clear and concise)
  • Remember, you’re selling yourself in a CV. Don’t be afraid to use powerful words and create hype around your achievements.
  • Creating an impactful, attention-grabbing, powerful CV can be challenging. (way to make your CV stand out)

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