The Senior Business Development Manager CV is a straightforward example of a business development manager’s CV. A great business development manager will have extensive experience in marketing, account handling, relationship building, and staff management. When writing your CV, consider how each job you’ve held has made you more qualified for the next-level advancement opportunities you’re seeking.

Want to learn how to write the perfect Senior Business Development Manager CV? Do you want to make your application stand out among the crowd and land that dream job? This step-by-step guide will teach you everything from what information is required, how it should be formatted, and even what’s expected of a cover letter. Follow these steps for help with CV and cover letters tailored just for you!

A leading goal of the “Senior Business Development Manager” position is to increase sales. To do that, you’ll need to know exactly what the company is looking for in a new hire. Your CV will be your opportunity to let them know everything they need to.

Senior Business Development Manager CV Sample:

How to write a Senior Business Development Manager CV

A Senior Business Development Manager is a manager who is responsible for developing new accounts. This person works closely with the R&D department and makes sure that any new deals the company signs are in line with its goals. They also develop leads for existing accounts and try to get the client to buy more products or services than they already have.

  1. A senior Business Development Manager CV is a very specific type of document. It is not enough to simply have buzzwords that attract attention, it is also important to structure your information in a way that makes it clear to the employer what you can offer them.
  2. It is vital to show that you are an individual with management potential and a proven track record within the industry. The CV must reflect this, and make it clear that you can make a real contribution to the company if hired.
  3. A Senior Business Development Manager CV should always be tailored to suit each specific job application, tailored to highlight your skills and experience in a way that will get you noticed by the employer.
  4. A Business Development Manager CV must never be one long list of spreadsheets of data – this will only end up making you seem like nothing more than a boring database!
  5. Many Business Development Manager CVs fail to express the personality of the individual. A CV is not just a list of statistics – use it to show your passion for the job, and make the employer want you!
  6. A Business Development Manager CV should be designed to suit your personal strengths and talents. Be sure that your CV is highlighting these, and if you need help with this, get some professional assistance from an expert in writing Business Development Manager CVs.
  7. A Business Development Manager CV should never be one long list of ideas that you want to promote – it must reflect the individual in a clear and concise manner.
  8. A Business Development Manager CV should always be tailored to suit the specific job application, but do not change or add anything if told to do so by an employer.
  9. An employer wants to see your talent, and it is up to you to display it on the CV. Do not use fancy fonts or colours that are distracting – instead use simple fonts that are easy to read.
  10. The CV must showcase your passion for the position you are applying for, so do not be afraid to stand out!

Senior Business Development Manager Structuring your CV:

Structuring your CV is a vital part of your application. You need a certain structure in order to include the information that you want, while still keeping the CV brief and readable.

A good structure is one that covers all the most important information in a logical order: contact details, interests or hobbies, education and work experience (if relevant) as well as any training courses that you have taken. Then in a separate section at the end, you could include any awards and certificates that you have won.


  • Make sure that your CV does not contain any obvious mistakes. Always proofread before submitting!
  • Some people like to include a photograph with their CV. If you do this, you need to make sure that it is an actual photograph and not a stock image or picture taken by a friend.
  • Make sure that your CV is consistently formatted, with text and subheadings consistently in the same typeface style for easy reading.
  • As a general rule, keep your CV to one page, unless you have a very important or unusual experience to talk about.
  • If you have done one or two really good things, but are lacking in other areas, it can be tempting to just focus on those. However, this can make your CV look unbalanced. You need to remember that recruiters want to see a well-rounded person and a rounded CV, not just a few amazing things.
  • If you have spent a long time at university or in training, it can be tempting to list all your course modules and grades on your CV. However, the recruiter will look at your degree certificate for more information, so leave out the course details.
  • If you have been out of work for a long time, it is fine to talk about what you have been doing with your time instead of only including work experience.
  • You need to be able to tailor the skills section of your CV to the role for which you are applying.

Senior Business Development Manager CV Format:

A Senior Business Development Manager CV Format, template, or sample CV should be a lead to secure an interview. A Senior Business Development Manager CV should clearly highlight your skills, experience, and achievements. Follow the Senior Business Development Manager CV format given above to ensure that your potential employer is impressed by your CV.

A Senior Business Development Manager CV is a detailed document that may take you a few hours to write. For this job search, we will only be focusing on the Senior Business Development Manager CV format. While we say this, we know that your CV is the sum of all your experience. You should always include all relevant information (relevant to the job you are applying for) in your Senior Business Development Manager CV.


  • Experience in a SBD function (Sales, Marketing, Operations, etc) Depending on the role you are applying for, you may have experience with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or KPI tools. More information on this is provided in the guide below.
  • Information on your track record i.e. created revenue, market share, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) achievement, operational efficiency improvement
  • Knowledge of sales techniques, sales channels, and sales strategies (i.e. territory management, lead generation, cold calling)
  • Mention any certification on Negotiation or Leadership to highlight your knowledge and expertise in these fields (i.e. NLP)
  • Mention any languages you speak that are associated with the job position as well as foreign experience you have for that role
  • If you have a Certification from a well-known institution, Other relevant qualifications, in addition to your degree

Senior Business Development Manager Work experience:

A Senior Business Development Manager Work experience section is one of the key features of a professional CV, used to give potential employers the information they need to decide if you’ll be right for the job. When writing your Work experience section, it is important to write relevant information and include details of projects you have worked on, the skills that are transferable, and challenging projects that demonstrate your ability as a leader in your industry.

The Skills section should be used to list the experiences or qualities that make you a suitable candidate for the job. It is also important to list these separately to highlight specific skills that are listed on your CV but not mentioned in your work experience.


  • Worked directly with senior executives to create sales plans that focused on organizational profitability and growth.
  • Spearheaded the organization’s move to cloud-based solutions, resulting in significant cost savings and improvements to overall system performance.
  • In order to maintain profitability in the face of declining sales, I led a team that conducted a thorough competitor analysis. We then used this information to develop a marketing plan aimed at professional trade shows.
  • Prepared a comprehensive marketing strategy, identifying and evaluating current customers to assess their value to the organization.
  • Oversaw and coordinated all aspects of the sales process, creating new sales opportunities, managing contracts, and ensuring that the implementation process was completed on time.
  • Developed a reputation as an expert in price negotiation, resulting in significant savings for the organization.
  • My work developing a new user interface for our sales software resulted in significantly reduced training time for users.
  • I led the development of a new sales training curriculum that trained employees to become better problem solvers and better salespeople.
  • I worked directly with the CFO to develop an aggressive growth strategy for the company, setting specific goals for each area of the business.
  • Focused on developing relationships with purchasing departments so that we could make more informed decisions about vendor selection and pricing.

Top 10 Senior Business Development Manager CV skills:

  1. ”’ Strategic Planning:”’Highly experienced leader in business planning and development with a demonstrated ability to develop and execute strategies that support organizational growth and profitability.
  2. ”’Team Management:”’Excellent track record of managing and growing a team of internal stakeholders and external partners required to further the goals of the organization.
  3. ”’ Analytical Thinking:”’Strong aptitude for analyzing time-sensitive issues, developing innovative solutions, evaluating organizational impacts, and identifying cost-efficient methods for resolving problems within specified timelines.
  4. ”’ Budgeting:”’Strong experience in managing and analyzing budgets across any organization and the ability to translate business needs into budget justification and implementation.
  5. ”’Client Management:”’Solid, client-facing management experience within a marketing or sales environment including client relations, responsive reporting, resource allocation, customer service, sales forecasting/planning, etc.
  6. ”’Negotiation:”’Strong ability to negotiate complex business agreements and deals, both on a global as well as a local level.
  7. ”’Presentation Skills:”’Excellent writing, speaking, and presentation skills with the ability to articulate ideas clearly and concisely.
  8. ”’Proactive Analysis:”’High level of execution focus with a demonstrated ability to identify problems and issues early on while remaining calm under pressure.
  9. ”’Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills:”’Proven ability to apply problem solving skills to a wide variety of situations and issues.
  10. ”’Leadership:”’Strong leadership abilities with the proven ability to motivate and influence others and determine the best course of action for handling any given situation.

Senior Business Development Manager Cover Letter:

A Senior Business Development Manager Cover Letter is a letter of application that’s tailored to the hiring company’s needs. The Senior Business Development Manager Cover Letter fills in any gaps in your CV and tells a story about you and your skills. It can also send the signal that you’re the perfect person for them and will be a profitable hire

Your cover letter shouldn’t be neglected either. It’s a crucial element of your CV, and as such, you should take your time to ensure it’s perfect. Try adding in a separate section for this, explaining the basics of the role you’re applying for and why you’re the best candidate. Don’t forget to reiterate your experience and specialisms at the end too!


  • Keep it short. No more than two or three paragraphs is recommended, and having a long cover letter can easily turn off an employer.
  • Keep your audience in mind when writing. Consider how this letter sounds to the people who will be reading it, as well as the company employing you.
  • Don’t be pushy or aggressive when applying for a role. You don’t want to sound desperate.
  • Ensure the strategies you give are tailored to the company you’re applying to. If writing, show that you’ve thought about their needs and are able to work with them.

Key Takeaways:

  • A business development manager’s job is to find clients for businesses and assist in the development of new revenue.
  • A business development manager can be in charge of specific accounts or work across several departments.
  • It’s important to manage expectations when it comes to a client relationship, and you’re responsible for attracting new clients and enhancing older ones.
  • Writing is very important to promoting a professional image and securing new clients, due to one’s role as a business proposal writer.
  • You should identify your strengths when writing your job description, as well as writing a cover letter tailored to the position.
  • A business development manager should be able to write a compelling cover letter.
  • A business development manager’s primary task is writing proposals, proposals are the backbone of every marketing and sales plan.

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