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If you are a recent graduate or still in school looking to start your career, you have most likely started to search for an internship or make the transition into the workforce. This is certainly not an easy task and can be quite daunting. Seeking a new career can lead to many questions about what type of resume and cover letter should be used, how to introduce yourself, and what skills are important in this position.

Junior Financial Analyst CV

In this post we will take a look at how one might put together their best Junior Financial Analyst CV Template Sample. We will discuss what to include in your cover letter, as well as how to highlight your skills and experience in the body of the CV. Once complete, we will also take a look at how you can make the most of your time while searching for that perfect job.

Junior Financial Analyst CV Template Sample

Format: CV and cover letter should always be provided in Microsoft Word format (no pictures) with margins sized 0.5″ left and right, and 1″ top and bottom (12pt Times New Roman). If you would like to include a picture in your resume, find a picture that most closely relates to the experience you are trying to highlight. For example, if you are applying in academia, finding a picture of school architecture can be a good way to go about it.

In-Depth Research: The cover letter section is short, but should not be skipped over. For the job seeker this section can be very important as it is how they will introduce themselves to their potential employer. This is the section in which you can make a positive first impression by indicating your interest in the particular position and company.

The body of the CV, as with any professional document, will vary depending on your experience level. However, we will take a look at what can be expected for an entry level financial analyst. The body should include details about previous experience that relate to financial analysis. In this section it is also helpful to quantify your accomplishments and indicate how these related to the companies overall goals and objectives.

Throughout the CV it is very important to keep a consistent theme with solid, but not overly generic language. For example, rather than saying, “I prepared financial projections,” it is preferred to state something like, “I prepared quarterly financial projections by compiling business data and analyzing trends in order to identify opportunities to increase revenue.” This small change in language reflects maturity and thoughtfulness.

It is also important to try and mention any education relevant to the position. This could include courses such as Finance, Accounting, Forecasting and so on. Also consider highlighting any relevant work experience or awards that can be used to present yourself as a professional.

Include these details in the body section of your resume. Try to indicate that you have a strong interest and understanding of financial analysis. This is demonstrated by your passion and willingness to learn new skills necessary for the position being requested.

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